Soulcalibur VI DLC Discussion Thread


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Bringing that up did Durer even have a connection to the Wolfkrone business before Soul Calibur VI?
He did. It was a known that he did train Hilde (New Legends of Project Soul), but it wasn’t nearly as fleshed out as it is in her Soul Chronicle with his allied betrayal specifically. The parts about him losing his sons and his troops and then creating a unit to hunt for Soul Edge wasn’t new, but it being given context under Hilde’s story makes sense as it being the event that makes him Hilde’s enemy.


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The more I think about it. The notion of the 4th character being a newcomer is just absolutely delusional.

Tekken 7 is getting a new character because they are reaching the end of the roster. There really isn’t anyone viable left to return aside from 2-3 characters.

Doa 5 got new characters as DLC when they literally had nobody else left to bring back.

Soulcalibur still has a ton of characters left, and I’d rather see Patroklos return over some stupid airheaded waifu.

Besides after 5 girls in a row I think people are in need of a change


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That triggered some sensory overload... I’d rather we got a Mary Poppins/samurai hybrid character named Neve who fights with a sword hidden in her umbrella.