SOULCALIBUR VI Network Test on PS4/XB1

It's happening!! There will be 15 characters and 9 stages available. Most likely, there is only the ranked mode function since that's all that is described. September 28th 8AM PDT to September 30th 8PM PDT will be the times you can play the demo, but downloads start on 27th. It's unknown if you need PS+ or Xbox Live. Which characters will you play first?

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Michael Stabile


how's the net code feel for you guys? played on both platforms and feel like I get better quality and get more matches quickly on xbox. Game visuals look sharper on PS4 though, might just be the Pro vs OG Xbox One.
I just played against someone who I had an awful connection with in scv. It was much better, although it had some random spikes, for the most part it was playable
i've had better matches with people halfway across the world with 2-3 bars than i have had with people in my same region with 4-5 bars. the netcode seems pretty shit to me on PS4 but i am planning on picking it up on Steam anyhow, and i've had no problems with the T7 experience there.