Soulcalibur VII wishlist thread


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It's been eight months and the next-gen is approaching. I've been thinking about where SCVII will go, and considering that Namco has reported their satisfaction with SCVI's performance, it's a safe bet that we'll get one. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if SCVII is in the early concept stages, or at least being discussed, at this very moment.

Why don't we make this the one place for all SCVII speculations and wishlists, until the day comes where the game is upon us?

To begin:
  1. First and foremost, please come out at a reasonable time. SCVI was hampered by internal drama, as well as Namco not having faith in the series. With the jolt of life being brought in, and Project Soul being unified under Okubo's lead, SCVII should hopefully come in 2021 or 2022, as opposed to 2025. That's the hope at least fingers crossed.
  2. The story should go in a new direction from where SCVI left off. Zasalamel's secret final chapter confirmed the nature of the reboot, and I would like to see how the setting diverges from what we know, and allows the series to continue in exciting ways.
  3. Higher budget. A main setback for SCVI was that it was made on a low budget, because Namco had no faith in it. Well, I hope with SCVII they'll be able to get a larger budget for more content in general and better production values. Speaking of which...
  4. Higher graphical fidelity. At the very least, I'd like it in native 4K, so we can get every fine detail of the beautiful environments, the scenic backdrops, Taki's incredible ass, and just a better presentation in general.
  5. More content. Yeah, this is a no brainer. More characters, more stages (we desperately need that), more things to do and experience.
  6. Improved CAS. It surprised me how little was improved in CAS outside the race selection (which seemed added at last minute) and all the items cut made it seem like a step back. I finally want face and hair sliders, you know, like any game with a respectable creation system?
  7. Better content DLC updates. The one thing SCV did better was that, for the short period it had DLC, it was regular and the communication was clear. I'd like something like that for SCVII's DLC.
  8. In general, just more of the Soulcalibur I love! I'm glad that we escaped SCV and that I can look forward to the future of SC once again. Whatever happens, I'm sure I'll be happy with the final product.
As for my ideal roster, let's say we have 30 characters, again, because better budget means more resources.

Mine would be:
  1. Mitsurugi
  2. Taki
  3. Siegfried
  4. Sophitia
  5. Voldo
  6. Seong Mi-na
  7. Cervantes
  8. Kilik
  9. Xianghua
  10. Maxi
  11. Astaroth
  12. Ivy
  13. Nightmare
  14. Yoshimitsu
  15. Lizardman
  16. Raphael
  17. Talim
  18. Yun-seong
  19. Cassandra
  20. Zasalamel
  21. Tira
  22. Setsuka
  23. Amy
  24. Hilde
  25. Algol
  26. Grøh
  27. Azwel
  28. New Male Character
  29. New Female Character
  30. Guest Character
Anyways, what wishlist do you guys have for SCVII? Discuss.


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I understand the desire to do a wish list but you're jumping the gun here when SC6 is still being developed on. A lot of the things you want like more stages and characters could be implemented in SC6 within a year.
Relax, I've seen wishlists done far earlier. I just thought I'd make a dedicated thread for this, know what I mean?


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While it may be early, its not harmful to have one already out there that way people in time may look back and be like "Hey that's a neat idea!" so thing circulate a bit quicker in the future, that and it gets people thinking what they want in the future of the series and perhaps even this game if something particularly unique and possible comes up.

Ideal roster is SCIV + Groh and Azwel
Graphics update (E.g. move to new models, I'd rather they stay with the old models though if new just means shit.)
Survival, (Special) Survival, Time attack, Arcade, Soul Chronicle, Weapon Master, Tag Team, Global Coliseum
Various unlockable outfits for the main characters (At least 2P)
28 Stages minimum
30 Characters minimum (Believe extra should be able to slip in oldie + newbie?)
Toned down Critical Edge length (The animation being less long, lengthen it if it ends on a victory only perhaps)
New variant of the SC2 and 3 story in one entry (Would be ideal in my eyes)
SC6 Voice actors return (Some of the best we've had for the characters that got replaced)
Give Raphael, Taki and Sophitia better faces
Continued vibrant aesthetic

Finally have a decent budget so nothing gets cut.


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This is very important indeed. I've seen too many people bring this up for it to not be fulfilled in the next entry.
True, though seeing how CaS was handled in SCVI I have some doubts that they would do it. Many people have asked for customized faces and nope.

That out of the way for now a lot for what I need and want in the next entry is still much the same from my last wishlist that I copy and paste here because I am lazy.

I wanted to post this all planned out, but I guess that I will just type what is in my mind for what I hope will be in Soul Calibur VI as I go. So Bandai Namco/Project Soul employee here is my wishlist.

1. A Decent Roster Size at Launch: If there is one thing that bothers me the most right now is how there are only 20 character slots at the early stages of what we see in the game. Seeing how we have Groh, his rumored dad, and the guest character Geralt that means we will only have 17 characters returning to the game and honestly I feel like that won't be enough. I don't think it would do the game any favors if a lot of the characters that won't be at launch will be returning only as dlc. My ideal size will be at least 28 characters at launch. However, if that can't happen for any reason than I would take at least 26-24 characters than.

2. Make the Story Mode Passable at Least: So, from what I have heard you guys realized that the story from the last game didn't wow people and only left them in a foul mood. Also, I need to mention Tekken 7 since it is made from you guys as well. That game's mode wasn't that great either and for some reason it was a wonderful idea to have a lot of the story be told from some journalist's point of view with a very...monotone voice. If there is one thing I love about the Soul Calibur series is that it is laced with rich lore and I see that you guys are taking the right steps by showing that off when Kilik goes into his super mode. In the story I would like to play as many characters so that they each get their moment to shine just like in Injustice and MK. This is why I also loved Tales of Soul in III because I could see the point of view of the character I choose. This would also be good for newcomers as they get to see which character they feel comfortable playing as as they go. Finally I am not so sure how you guys want to make the story 'epic' as I feel that is something that is hard to accomplish on purpose, though just make it decent and reliable to people. Just, don't have us play as a polarizing protagonist and the story being told through some dude with a very monotone voice.

3. More Offline Single Player Content: Please, please, please do this! In the latest entries we have gotten (IV and V) there was a sad lack of content and all we had was Create a Soul. While I do enjoy that mode, it could get boring real fast when that was all we had. What I would love to see return in this game is Team Battle from II. I loved to select up to eight characters and use them to fight against my sis or the AI. I also loved to play the modes in three like fighting against the huge statue that is in Sophitia's stage or fighting against the three maids in a limited time. It was also rewarding when you got prizes when you beat the modes. Also, I will love to see the return of the museum so that I can look at the concept artwork while listening to the relaxing music that goes with it. Weapon Exhibition mode would also be a plus.

4. Stages and Weapons getting Effects: Something that I loved from 2 was when you played in certain modes there were stages that were either slippery, hot, quick sand or wind blowing at you to get you off the stage! I would also like the weapons to get effects again like how Soul Edge drains your life while giving you strength while Soul Calibur healed you over time. It was just something that I enjoyed seeing and made the game more interesting to play.

5. Improvements to Create A Soul: So... there isn't much I want to say about this mode since I feel that a lot of people have covered it. However I will say that I want all pieces of clothing to actually fit on the character you are making. Sometimes they just looked so bulky that it just didn't look right. I also don't want the outfit to be completely torn off and leave the character half naked. This was such a glaring flaw in V that I can't believe it wasn't patched. It also didn't help that when you made a creature; that creature's parts will just come off and that just wouldn't look right. Therefore I would love an option to disable this feature only if we can't select what we feel should come off during battle. Also, to give credit to Arc Graves I would also like there to be an option to report people online for making offensive CaS. Sometimes people will get a little too creative and make something that just isn't okay.

6. Miscellaneous: Please have Talim come back with a more balanced moveset. She is one of my favorite characters and pretty much part of the reason I got into this great video game series. I will admit that she was tricky to play in 2 and 3 though I still liked to use her. So if she comes back to something similar like in Soul Calibur II that would make me very happy.

Please bring back Seong Mina and Yun Seong. Mina because that is my sister's favorite character and it would make her very happy to see her come back (besides, she is one of the first girls in the game) and Yun because I actually like him, and while an unpopular opinion I do like him more than Hwang since I feel he has more character than him.

Return some of the bonus characters/moveset from III and IV. I have to admit that I would actually like to see characters like Asholette, Valeria, Lynette, Chester, Demuth, etc. Asholette because she has one of the most appealing designs from the bonus characters and is the most canon characters from the fellow bonus characters in IV. I will also love it if she comes back with her own unique moveset. To be honest, I don't really want to see Demuth come back, but I do want his weapon to come back to a new character with a more better moveset; the same for the others I mentioned. III did have some interesting weapons for the bonus characters and I will want those to come back with better, complete movesets.

Endings for each character again, please.

Also, the same number of stages for each character in this game.

Support after this game's release, like patches.

While not my favorite, if there is going to be DLC I want something like more characters (like new, original characters that doesn't include guests), stages, modes, or/and expanded story. Not just pieces of clothes for CaS.

To wrap this up thank you for not forgetting us and I am so happy to see that we finally get another game after all these long years. So truly, thank you so much.

There is a few things I do want to add.

1. I want Talim to have better and safer low and lethal hit attacks. Plus, bring back her SCII voice or have Kira Buckland sound like how she did in SCII. Finally, no underboob bra nor see-through pants.

2. Add cinematic endings for all characters. If not for arcade at least for the charscters' individual storymode. Also, more cinematic scenes for a mode like LoS.

3. Do improve on CaS; fix the clipping and get rid of restrictions (for outfit combinations and let us color lower outfits wharever we want (or at least have patterns with colors like brown and orange with no designs .))

4. More stages.

5. A bigger roster of at least thirty characters


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Make SC VII a next gen launch title.

Ensure the lore & storytelling are good, while providing rewarding gameplay mechanics with revamped CaS & awesome 3D models.

It has the potential to bring stellar sales to Namco.


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  • Main focus on SOULCALIBUR II without extending to III and IV;
  • Soul Chronicle, Libra of Souls, Team Battle and Survival mode;
  • 29 characters (25 playable characters + new Female + Mimic + Guest + Boss);
  • Alternative outfits;
  • Stages per character;
  • All characters have 9 weapons;
  • Weapon Demonstrations in Museum;
  • Cepheus Shop and Shopkeepers girls (they could be just NPCs);
  • DLC CaS are not random pieces, but you could buy them separately depending on the theme "Classic Outfit", "Sexy Costumes", "Modern Costumes", "Bridal Costume" like in SOULCALIBUR V.
  • My baby Yun-seong. :sc2yun2:


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  • Main focus on SOULCALIBUR II without extending to III and IV;
  • Soul Chronicle, Libra of Souls, Team Battle and Survival mode;
  • 29 characters (25 playable characters + new Female + Mimic + Guest + Boss);
  • Alternative outfits;
  • Stages per character;
  • All characters have 9 weapons;
  • Weapon Demonstrations in Museum;
  • Cepheus Shop and Shopkeepers girls (they could be just NPCs);
  • DLC CaS are not random pieces, but you could buy them separately depending on the theme "Classic Outfit", "Sexy Costumes", "Modern Costumes", "Bridal Costume" like in SOULCALIBUR V.
  • My baby Yun-seong. :sc2yun2:
it's depressing that we know they will make less new characters to clear space for their precious guests. The days of SC2 and SC3 having 3-4 awesome new characters are gone it seems :(

Dr. Cheesesteak

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I think character count is fine, it's the balance that matters. Ppl act like having 30 chars is somehow relevant, when there may only be 4, 7, 10 characters "worth playing" anyway. 21, 22, whatever characters is good, as long as they'r all viable.

Anyway, I think the only things missing from SC6 that I'd like added are more stages and a W-L tracker for our characters (can keep it private if you're insecure about it). I mean, shoot, they can do that in SC6, don't even have to wait for SC7. But...they likely won't. :SM::H:


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No Reversal Edge for SC7 please.
This improvement alone will be worth the price of admission.

This thread in general has lots of bright ideas on how Namco can improve SC6 & create a fantastic SC7.

I really hope the Namco dev team take heed, and get their act together.

Great ideas by Nyte, Starringrole, Crash X, CelestialZodiac, LisaK & Dissidia.

May I invite you to please share your thoughts with Namco for the betterment of the Soulcalibur franchise:

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My main wishlist for SCVII is this:

1. Chronicles Of The Sword or something similar to it. Please!
2. A Shop mode like in Soul Calibur 3. Buying items should be easier and convenient.
3. MORE CHARACTERS AND CONTENT! SC3 had the most content out of all the SC games and it should've been surpassed by now.
4. A Weapon Master mode like SC2 would also be pretty awesome. Or a Mission Mode like in SC3.
5. Unlike most people, I actually like the Reversal Edge and Critical Edge mechanics in SCVI so keep those please. Seeing the Critical Finish mechanic from SCIV in a modified way would be nice too.
6. I noticed that the move lists for characters are smaller now than they were in SC2 and SC3 and to me, that's laziness. I wanna see a more robust moveset for characters to be specific.
7. Better online multiplayer. Give us more options and make things flavorful for the lobbies! I'm not asking for Dead or Alive 4 kind of lobbies but something similar would be nice. Put more effort into it!

That's about all I ask for! As long as my mains (:sc2cas1::sc2sop2:) are in SCVII, I'll be buying it regardless!


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6. I noticed that the move lists for characters are smaller now than they were in SC2 and SC3 and to me, that's laziness. I wanna see a more robust moveset for characters to be specific.
I think this is mainly because While Landing attacks got axed.
Some WL attacks are back as jumping attacks now, but for that, the former jumping attacks got axed.
Like Taki's former jumping A is now gone, replaced by her former While Landing A.
Also many diagonal 8WR inputs are gone.

So my wishes are:

1. Give us Jumping AND While Landing attacks.

2. Bring back diagonal 8WR inputs for everybody, i know Mina has some, but Taki has just the same moves for 11_44_77 and 33_66_99.

3. Finally decide if you want A+K inputs or not. As is, noone has A+K except 2 or so characters, Yoshi and Voldo, causing them to need a special button config.
Which is dumb since SC5.

4. Also in P-mode make a switch for LH conditions met on/off.
I don't have A+K mapped(see point 3)
Also why practice with buttons that only work in P-mode, except maybe for casual testing, but for combos and muscle memory the current "do PO 2_8A+K to emulate a successful LH PO 2_8B+K" is not good.