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Edit: Another side question, has anyone found something from PO that helps vs Ivy's 214B or whatever the input is now???
The tech crouching, sidestepping vertical attack that definitely beats PO A and PO B, i think PO B+K too (kinda anti air)
Haven't tested PO 6A, PO 2_8A or PO 6K, which all could work against it, maybe.

possession 6K beats it but it has a slow startup so... goodluck landing it

okubo definetly hates taki, she was the character with most moves removed i discovered that her possession low kicks has been transfered to a second hit on her running slide attack

what i think is that they wanted to make taki a hit & run character as some moves makes the oponent move away from taki (like the 6 BB bomb)
and they gave her new gap closers (the kunai is awesome) but the problem is, she is completely vulnerable while moving close which makes her an easy target to high range pokes and steping, wind rolls should also be more faster and effective to keep this kind of gameplay


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Locking so many moves behind stances seems very weird to me.
Like an attempt to improve the stances, but weakening the character actually.

DB B: Better aGI properties, BUT only from DB, making it useless against predictable verticals because it is too slow for that now.
DB not being accessible from 3KK is also weird, because, here we could use it to discourage 2As on block of 3KK, but no.
I hope 3KK~DB will be in added before 10/19.

PO 6A, 6B and 2_8B: Could be used to react to Highs/Verticals/Lows, not anymore because also too slow now, or you have to make a read when in PO.

So yes, all of that seems to make her able to deal with everything when in PO, but with moves that were even more useful from neutral :(

Especially for a mid range game.
That actually makes me think:

In SCII, with 66A+K and 22_88A+K you could directly enter Possession Rush/Possession Sidestep.
If that was in SCVI, i think it would immediately make her mid range game good again.
Please do that Namco, bring back the ability to directly enter POR/POSS, with 66A+K/22_88A+K!
That would also give me a reason, beyond Yoshi suicides, to map A+K to a shoulder button again.


@OmegaXCN @Tomahawk @kAb and anyone else with a good understanding on SC6 Taki.

Hey guys, so I'm working with a YouTube content creator called @Scallywag-93 to make beginner introductions guides for SC6 and one of the videos that's being worked on is a introduction profile of each character to hopefully get it out near or on release date.

Looking just to get abit of info from you guys aswell to ensure the Taki part of the video is accurate.
Please could you answer these questions: (doesn't have to be in detail)

1. Her stand out strengths?
2. Her stand out weakness?
3. Any important stand out moves and why are important?
4. Easy/Intermediate/Hard in terms of execution?
5. Easy/Intermediate/Hard in terms of gameplan and complexity?
6. Overall archtype / what kind of player the character will suit?

Thanks again.


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It seems like Taki's really got the short end of the stick in SC6. I mean, she's always known for close range pressures but I think this time around, we have Groh, who can also play the pressure game, but I think he pretty much surpasses Taki range-wise and damage-wise. Plus, Groh's Innocent Draw stance has good mid and low mix-ups and is cancellable unlike PO. Still sticking with Taki though... ^_^


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Some may remember I did the same for Natsu (and still have it), but went ahead with a SCVI Taki Stick this time around since the queen is back. ^^


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Wow, they locked a lot of shit behind possession or soul charge

She definitely looks weaker than her past iterations


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Well even if you go into B+K after the 3B you can always use A instead of A + G to make it somewhat safer. But yeah the timing with pulling of the B+K is about the same as a normal to special cancel in a 2D game.


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Maybe a just frame A 6 could lead into more damage after a 3B, oh and also if you get a lethal hit with 66 B you can launch them with a 3B and go into a air grab, but i prefer going into 3 K K B+K (hold) after a 66 B lethal since you can get

If you get lethal hit on your A 6 Winroll BBB seems to be a good follow up.


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Yeah that is correct you need to be point blank to get the lethal hit on 66B and they also need to be facing you.


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How are y'all approaching her neutral game? Like go to buttons? POS seems like it can be interrupted a lot of the times unless I'm missing something.


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How are y'all approaching her neutral game? Like go to buttons? POS seems like it can be interrupted a lot of the times unless I'm missing something.

I usually PO A > PO before PO everything else to test if the opponent's reflex is to interrupt PO, get a CH if they do.


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I tend to throw out a lot of possesion 2K to make it seem like im safe when entering possession. If they think im safe they won't try to punish it that often and then i can start using moves from possession.. need more time to figgure her our but her lack of good lows is scary

How are you guys spending your meter?
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Rioting Soul

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Combo into tech trap:
9A, FC A+B 44B. The 44B catches all techrolls and combos into the launching explosion. I tested this on Mitsurugi, Xianghua, Talim and Astaroth. With Astaroth, backroll is tricky. To cover that option you have to hit the 9A as close as possible and input the 44B asap or Astaroth will escape.

I think any combo that allows you to do an up close FC A+B makes this tech trap possible.
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