Talim Is Back to Blow You Away

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The wind priestess makes her return to SOULCALIBUR VI after being absent from SOULCALIBUR V. From the trailer it seems that she is very capable of block string pressure and has a new parry where she has the option to blast you with wind after it. She looks like a good return to form for the character. How old is she in this game by the way? SOULCALIBUR VI comes out October 19th, 2018.

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Michael Stabile

Michael Stabile

I know quite a few Talim fans that weren't as interested in playing Soulcalibur V because their main was gone, and I very much hope that they see this trailer, and are looking forward to Soulcalibur VI now that she's in the game, I know I'm very happy for them and any new Talim fans that will enjoy the character as well :D
I was never a big Talim fan, but I am very happy to have her unique move-set back. In fact, her announcement video is probably the best I've seen so far out of all of them.
I'm glad Talim was added, it means that they listened to their popularity poll. Her voice is no longer annoying and she seems to talk less about the wind (thank goodness) while having more wind in her actual moves. Her super is really cool too, but it kinda lacks a good PUNCH in the end, but still, it looks good.

Oh God...she’s always been so damned annoying and I see that hasn’t changed in this game. I will never understand the appeal of this character...
You're not supposed to, to be honest.
You say that as if liking Talim is a bad thing? Be happy an old fan favourite is coming back. More unique styles = More varied gameplay! :)
I never said that liking Talim was a bad thing. I was implying that her fans were going to crazy about her character reveal...which can be a mixed bag in its own way considering how her fanbase can be in general.

Honestly does it bother you that I am really not hyped about Talim being in SC6?
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