= Teh Gatsu's Official CaS Temple, i mean SC6 Edition =


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Let's start with some Berserk and Symphony of the Night love, tomorrow will post some 3P and some OC i think


Gatsu, Grifis, Caska, Shilat, Zodd and Phemt








Alucard, Richter, Maria, Succubus, Death and Dracula







-ignored Gatsu's iron arm in favor of aesthetic
-spamming dat Maxi jacket for SotN guys lol
-don't like Richter, Maria and Succubus, but done them to complete the SotN group
- @Kraft_D as you can see we got pretty similar pieces selection for our Alucards
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As amazing as everything here looks, the thing that has me the most stumped is how you have Guts with one eye closed LMAO. Absolutely amazing job on all of these, I'm floored.
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Tnx dude
How’d you get Guts to keep one eye closed?
put a 3D moon/banana/yellowthing? in his eye socket

In similar way, Zodd IS'NT "malfested" race, his eyes are 3d objects too (i wanted pointy ears for him, so i picked that elf-like race), fun thing placing accurately you can still keep the eyes closing and avoid the ugly "doll eyes" vibe


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They are all pretty cool : of course you started with guts, and the hair "extensions" and closed eye are nicely done !
My favourites of the batch are Alucard (with right eye color :) and Succubus...man, dat breast and "bra" design, priceless...uh, do they bounce in game like Ivy's and Soph's. Glad to see you haven't lost your touch...


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Having finished Netflix's Castlevania a couple of days ago, my hype still goes on and even further by seeing your SotN batch. Every single one of them are absolutely stunning, wish i had the skills to make them!!

Guts and Zodd are my favorites though. You sir, would make Kentaro Miura proud!😁


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These are all really good! I love that you even included Death in the mix. I had a Richter in the works but I scrapped it because I couldn't decided on a hair style. Yours doesn't look half bad though!
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Now some 2P/3P for standard cast

Mitsu 2P/3P - i really like the first ingame


Sieg 2P - i know everybody did dat SC3 2P these days, who care one more lol.... with little changes here and there. Got both versions, helm/no helm

Sophi 2P - Considering she's servant of Hephaestus i thought gave her the blacksmith jacket/do a steampunk/blacksmith thing was a good idea

Cervy 2P - Heavy SC1 inspired, still part new

I got this as temporary CAS waiting for better pieces to complete it (i absolutely hate the hat), but as coincidence the Request Thread asked for a Vampire Hunter D
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Thanks guys!
The king of CAS is back. How did you change Cervantes' skin color?
On reality is simple straight giant sticker color over his body :D
Used the classic azure square enlarged at max, then made it orangeish
Used 3: left arm, right arm, chest
For the head you can use the face paint/make up option set on same color, saving one sticker slot

PS: changed Maria's green into a much darker one, shooped the picture in first post to reflect it as she is in my tv screen


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D looks great.

Steampunk Sophie is actually pretty cute.

Don’t normally do custom hair since I can both tell it apart and it’ll break but Rugi’s hair looks so good.


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The Mitsu 3P (with hat) is tremendous! The hat and pants set an authentic Japanese tone, specifically the traveling monk trope. The calligraphy print suggests an onmyoji theme. Magnifico.

Sophie 2P is the best engineer character I've seen. I dont know why I never thought of combining the do-rag hat with Talim hair and goggles. The combo is the distilled essence of steampunk. Kingdom Hearts-style key blade for extra win.

On that note, I love how PS portrayed Mitsu this round. With most of the cast hustling to save or destroy the world, Mitsu is morally ambiguous. He just wants to take a powerful sword for himself and troll the shit out of powerful warriors like Kilik and Geralt. Then he gets trolled hardcore by Edgemaster, and he laughs off the wasted years like nothing at all. Gotta root for the guy with a passion for the fight and a sense of humor.
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Some new 2P/3P, my shot at Arthur and totally random in that group FF12 Balthier LOL
Next update will focus on OC





-SC4 Kilik was'nt planned at all, just realized was already half made while doing SCV "EdgeMaster" one.
I improved it since i took the pic (better jacket) but too lazy to do again the montage

-Had to photoshop Groh hair to show how is ingame as a glitch don't chang hair color in cas mode (but works normally ingame).

-Arthur is a mix of SC1 one + SC3 one +a bit of my touch, i like the result

- Groh style works great on Balthier. I liked my Balthier in SC4, but back then no style fitted him well as Groh's does
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The Groh hair still changes during SC.

Really impressed. The boob window on Xianghua is outstanding. Almost want to do that myself.

Need you secret on making the Siren Helm more of a full helm and giving Nightmare the full mask.


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Nightmare: This definitely screams 2P, the full helm you created with the ExEq gear is amazing, Raphy's shoulder cape looks great on him and especially, the bird & eye stickers on his waist are perfect little details for his character.

Ivy: Seems like a mixture between her SCIII 2P and SCIV 2P, i was always fond of (and still am) of this black widow theme for her. Voldo's mask as both a head and a waist decoration (especially on the waist, combined with the chains) and the armor bits throughout her outfit reinforce even further the said theme.

Edgemaster Kilik/SCIV Kilik: I may be biased but i honestly have no words, these two recreations are beyond amazing, the attention to detail is stunning! Though, i'm a bit curious to see the improved IV Kilik but, if its a bother for you to reupload it, then please don't. A thing i hate is to force/pester people.

Xianghua: She's a beauty with the flower petal theme, the ExEq feathers on her one hand and her ExEq cleavage are applied with great care on her, which together with Talim's hat really compliment her design.

Grøh: This. Now this, has caught my eye. Seeing as he looks kind of pale, it suits his white-brown, with little hints of blue Viking theme. I also noticed you used Voldo's chin again (you seem to really love this piece😁) for a small spike on his eyepatch and, a couple of small ones (a set of horns, probably) on his fur neck wrap, with the fur bits on his eguipment (Astaroth's waist in particular) making this 2P looking rather natural and down-to-earth, which is very cool.
Excellent batch Gatsu!😊

Arthur and Balthier later, i'm a bit sleepy now hahaha😅