That...that was easy! Damp's RO Game


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Time to explore the world of Dampierre's accidental victories, ROs. Here's what I've gathered so far.

Suggested moves for RO:
A+G (chance of front RO)
B+G (reverse RO)
66K (right side RO, first kick breaks walls)
22_88BKBK (perfect against aerial. It ROs standing opponents if first two don't hit, or if the second hit connects as NH)
BE (though if you go out too, you'll RO first. Best used to RO over short walls)

**3BB isn't bad, but it's ACable. 66B and WR K can RO when very close to the edge. 1A can too, but you have to be very close and very on-axis. 2A+B can RO, but usually only if they tech toward the edge for some reason. WR A+B has good RO range, but good luck hitting with it.

Combos: Every move in that list can be combo'd into for RO in some way. Here are the combo starters.

- 33B
No surprise here. Can combo into grabs, RCC'd A+B, and BE for ring outs. ~33% chance of failing though.
- A+B
Awesome move. Can RO alone, or combo into 66K, 22_88BKBK, and BE for ring outs. Can also wallsplat.
- 11B/CH 8BK
Both of these can combo into 22_88BKBK, and BE for ring outs. I usually use these as punishment after I step something.
- W! hits
Depending on the situation, you might be able to combo along a wall towards an edge to RO an opponent. The most common situation is A+G/A+B/33K W! into BE, or another A+B if you're off-axis enough from the wall. You can usually squeeze in another 33B between a wall hit and BE for extra distance, but that comes at the risk of 33B failing and ending your combo.
- GIing an aerial opponent
Apparently you can 22_88BKBK after that, which is cool for ROing with.

Example combo -

Edge Game:
When I get the opponent backed up to an edge, I usually start breaking out moves I normally don't use; 1A, 3BB, and WR K get their turn. I use 1A if my opponent tends to use lows under pressure, GIs most hits and either gives me an RO or oki. I 3BB/3B~B against opponents that play it safe, since it's not as easily AC'd at close range, and it does good SG damage. If the opponent is frantic under pressure and tries to interrupt me alot, I interrupt them with 2A/2B and WR B/WR K.

These are the tools and tricks I use in my playstyle, but what tactics do you guys use?


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I assume he will be, and I hope his cronies will be too. They were only mentioned in BD, sadly.

I edited my first post with my somewhat complete RO game.
Made a combo video to show off Damp's RO potential, take a look.



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Not sure if you know this but if your on a low wall stage with breakable walls and you do his 66k, the first hit breaks the wall and the second RO's. So when you use that move there is no wall there. :D


[09] Warrior
Indeed. At some angles, 66K will fly them right over the wall too. At least it did on Damp's stage, when I was testing wall combos a while back.

Breakable walls are probably one of the few places you might try using BE too, if the wall isn't angled correctly for 66K. BE takes them high enough to go over, and the wall will usually help you stay on stage if you stop kicking at the right time.

Thanks for the input though! I'll add these tidbits to my first post.


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