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  1. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

    I'll add you later this evening, i'm a one trick pony in that I main Hilde and no one else in Ranked(they got rid of soph and cassandra :( but i switch up in player matches for the hell of it.
  2. D.I.N.O

    D.I.N.O [11] Champion

    HotRodDave - I'm Sexy and I know It.

    Synrai - As long as you know not to talk my name because you don't know shit. Go check my posts and see how I owned Vints when he tried the same thing. you guys are not better than me at this game. At Life. At anything. Ya'll go Read Future Press to learn about the game. I learn in game.

    I'm #1. And I use 90% of my movelist. 20-30% of the cast, and counting. And I do all this while giving mercy rounds, JG-ing UBs and stuff online. I'm just tooooo good Bro. Dont be Hating.
  3. b4k4

    b4k4 [06] Combatant

    I know both Vints and Dino personally, and Dino definitely doesn't wish he was Vints. Dino is Dino. I've been playing this guy since SC2 was at our local arcade. We knew each other's mains before we knew each other's names. He's dedicated, knowledgeable, and likes to play with flair (sometimes to his detriment trying to get too fancy lol).

    Seriously though Synraii, those Vints accusations make no sense. Dino's been like this since before Vints touched the scene. I would know because I was there.
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  4. marinasea17

    marinasea17 [06] Combatant

    God, this is reminding me of that Maxi guy who calls himself "soulcaliburchamp"

    And you're pissing me off as much as he did. Stop making a damn fool of yourself. : /
  5. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    Maybe offline, but here on the boards, deliberately arrogant jackass fits those two interchangeably, in fact the only differance is that Vints has balls to back up some of the shit he says.
    Don't get up from your couch DINO, you might lose pal. =)
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  6. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

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  7. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    News just in:

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  8. Hot Rod Dave

    Hot Rod Dave "Saucy saucy minx"

    We shall see good sir....we shall see.

    Id like to play you anyway. Whats say you send me a friend request and I show you why you shouldnt be up there.

    What am I saying? Ima get raped. Better at least have your anti-maxi down!!

  9. Omega

    Omega [12] Conqueror

    PSN omegadr, add me please, i want to play the best.
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  10. D.I.N.O

    D.I.N.O [11] Champion

    I gotta delete some people still. But thats okay.

    To everyone else. You guys REALLY have never been on this site before.

    Realize that this place is DEAD. DEAD. DEAD without Smack Talk and Rivalry. Who wants to play a game when their is no joy in winning, In saying "Im better than you"

    I dont understand how anyone here can be offended by my words. I'm just rubbing it in so you guys might try to catch up. Otherwise, there is Zero incentive. You win but nobody cares. With Smack Talk, it makes things more interesting.

    ITs sooooo sadd how watered down with Casuals and Dumbass Elites this place has turned into.

    Thank You b4k4 for letting them Know whats up. I'm not gloating. I just dont like people (RE Synrai) talking shit about me when they don't know shit. BAcking down from a MM?! Are you serious?! Be like Vints?! DUDE VINTS GOT HIS TROLLING FROM ME!!!! I KEEP THIS COMMUNITY ALIVE!!! WITHOUT ME THERE IS NOTHING. NOBODY. BORING. BO-Fucking-ING.

    Do you guys get it yet?!

    PS - OmegaDR we already know you're the Best. Stay Away from my Ranked!! You cant have it!!
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  11. RedDjinn

    RedDjinn Dat Hillbilly

    Im 59 and 1 in ranked... Do I get teh Cookie?
  12. Omega

    Omega [12] Conqueror

  13. Hot Rod Dave

    Hot Rod Dave "Saucy saucy minx"

    Come get your booty raped by the 3rd best maxi on PSN!!

    GT = HotRodDave619

    (I really wanna just be able to tell my grandkids that "i played canada's #1, and fuckin raped him!!")

  14. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    And also runs away from online matches against better players it seems. ^^

    U mad bro?
  15. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    A sign of things to come?
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  16. Hot Rod Dave

    Hot Rod Dave "Saucy saucy minx"

    What? didnt! You didnt really just quote me and put and WWF vid in there. If you werent already gay, I would so make fun of you!!

    Come get your british ass raped to....worthless walkin away from a MM slut!!

  17. Ring
    • Senior Moderator

    Ring Lay still now

    @video - wtf lol that was pretty cool.
  18. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    619 - the kick through the ropes, like on his GT =/
  19. Hot Rod Dave

    Hot Rod Dave "Saucy saucy minx"

    damn Synraii, you need to be USA/Canada president. Cause we are gonna invade canada and take that shit over. Burn down every place that sells gravy and fries and make you

    The 619 guy is an asshole. My brother saw him at a local gym, tried to say hi and damn near got beat up! Fuck that asshole. And fuck fake wrestling and fuck confused!!
  20. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    Now I'm confused as well...

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