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Discussion in 'Online Mode (PSN/XBL)' started by D.I.N.O, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. InfestedLoli

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    Online ranking is a direct correlation to player skill...

    Congrats on your placement at WB!
  2. marinasea17

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  3. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

    I got #1 spot anyway...

  4. D.I.N.O

    D.I.N.O [11] Champion

    Tell me about it. I lost to the person who got #1 so what can I say.

    Link lost to 13yr old Viola 2-0 at first, any other Round and Link would have been out.

    I am actaully Very Sorry for letting everyone down.
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  5. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

    Shame they stopped it at rank A1 to be honest. It kind of feels redundant playing ranked now unlike SC4 where you could keep going.

    I'm guessing most people will stop once they reach A1 to keep their win % high as if it matters. Ah well back to BF3 for me most likely.
  6. D.I.N.O

    D.I.N.O [11] Champion

    We in there.

    I'm guessing A1 Rank is decided by who has the last highest Win Streak. Its the only way I can think of why I would jump frpm 17th to First if I was always 5000/5000 A1.

    Who knows.
  7. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

    It may be based on your total wins minus losses, seen someone with less wins and losses than me but his total wins overall were more.

    What I do know is once most people hit rank A1 first place will shift constantly, especially as when you lose you drop about 160 points which will drop you below anyone with 5000/5000 on A1...which will eventually be everyone.

    Edit: It's actually a lot more straight forward than I thought, most recently active A1 player goes to the top, ta-daaaa.
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    I am the best.
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    SCPartisan Holy Moly

    u forgot your win:
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  8. Cloukyo

    Cloukyo [05] Battler

    I think that pyrrha would have won if it didn't have a problem with spacing. In any case I was hoping for the number one ranked person for be phenomenal but...
  9. DrakeAldan

    DrakeAldan Follow the rules!

    "That Pyrrha" happens to be Ramon...
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  10. Kvalsternacka

    Kvalsternacka [09] Warrior

    "That Pyrrha" tore my ass asunder last night. It was good fun though, 5/5 would do again. Pretty good ping for an overseas connection as well!
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  11. D.I.N.O

    D.I.N.O [11] Champion

    So, my conclusion is whomever was the most recent to play, will have the highest spot.
  12. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

    Yah, I pointed that out in my post up above about a week ago. :)
  13. ShinJin

    ShinJin [09] Warrior

    so who ever played the game last is the best in the world?
  14. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

    If you determine best in the world by ranked then yes. Taking into account they won their last game and stay on 5000/5000. give it a few months and dropping 1 point will mean you go to bottom of rankings. :)
  15. Ooofmatic

    Ooofmatic World Warrior

    So I was browsing the ranking leaderboards, viewing A1 rank licenses, seeing what character they used, what their ranked win % was etc. If I found someone with a high win % using a character that I was interested in fighting I'd send them a message challenging them to a 1v1 first to 10.

    So I seen this one guy who was in the #1 spot at the time, "DangerousLizard", he had a 86% win ratio and mained Nightmare. So I thought, damn this guy must be pretty damn good, and I challenged him (I didn't bother viewing his replays).

    We did a ft10... I beat him 10-0, he was throwing a lot, and I was breaking throws like a boss.

    After the ft10 he messages me... "how do you break throws?"

    I was like... -_-

    Seriously, I don't know how the hell this guy got to the top of the rankings with 86%.
  16. Luneth22

    Luneth22 [13] Hero

    Go figure.

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