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Discussion in 'Online Mode (PSN/XBL)' started by D.I.N.O, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. D.I.N.O

    D.I.N.O [11] Champion

    Synrai you're such a dumbass. I already have OmegaDr on my PSN. And you don't know shit. My invite/psn/msn menu will freeze the 2nd time I go into it CONSISTENTLY. Either I invite, or impossible for me to go through my msgs the 2nd time. Even when I invite it freezes. What can I do.

    BTW You still suck shit.

    U Mad Pussy?
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  2. Hot Rod Dave

    Hot Rod Dave "Saucy saucy minx"


    @DINO....Ima do burnouts on your face
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  3. b4k4

    b4k4 [06] Combatant

    Yo people need to actually read Dino's avatar. 4 srs.
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  4. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    Dino, your Voldo eats my shit. Your Natsu and Mitsu gets wrecked by me though. What the fuck is the deal?
  5. D.I.N.O

    D.I.N.O [11] Champion

    I'm not sure we've played but OK. I was probably avoiding using Bombs or 2K BE. Next time I'll use it just for you bro.

    b4k4 - Its in front of their face but they just dont get it. More fuel for the Fire its all Gravy.
  6. Panther

    Panther [09] Warrior

    Welcome to Troll Calibur 5.
  7. Tha_Shogun

    Tha_Shogun [10] Knight

    Lmao, I just read this. So by the logic of Lows post shakeable stun are "mix-ups" then theoretically an i40 low would be come a mix-up. Ummmm hmmm.....

    [​IMG] make me cry tears of pain with your thoughts.

    If anything that could be shakeable fast enough to where an i13 or greater move can be blocked then something as slow as i30 low does NOT become a mix up, it can sitll be blocked on reaction. Lmao, but don't worry, so far from what I've seen stun is unshakable on SCV so you're in luck :). But still.....I lmao everytime you say something silly.

    I should give that third quote of yours about all lows become mix-ups after shakeable stuns.....but I've yet to see anything about stuns being shakeable on SCV so you in the green light so far, so you don't get word pwned again. Well I guess it doesn't matter, I'm done talking to you after this. :)

    @ Panther Yea I think D.I.N.O. has successfully trolled the online threads setting the flame bait and us walking into it. He then eggs it on with stuff like "I don't care about my rank, but I care to let everyone else know online that I don't care about me getting #1 but I care that they know". Contridictors (is that a word?) are people who can easily troll, so I should give him props? I dunno, I just laugh at how his mind works if that stuff is serious, it's too funny...
  8. D.I.N.O

    D.I.N.O [11] Champion

    Haha You're such an idiot dude. Quoting me and all. Beyond idiot.

    So if someone has to shake a stun, and guess Mid/Low, how is that not a mixup?! They starting shaking stun and ducking and now its free mids. you're going to react to that?! I think not. Idiot.

    If I really cared about Rank, I would have been A1 maybe 2 WEEKS AGO. If I cared about Rank, I would be a lot higher than 84%, not walk away from my Ps3 when its searching, use Taki/Voldo 100% of the Time, Abuse my Offline Tactics that would fuck people up online. etc. If I cared.

    The fact that everyone here is so Butt Hurt by me rubbing it in, shows that I'm doing my job correctly. I work Full Time and only have Nights to play. I have my issues with Player Matches, and My PS freezing. So my only out is Online Ranked.

    But really. Shogun. You suck at this game. What have you done in this game?! Ever?! Go look at my posts and go see who liked them. Only people WHO HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE. WHO HAVE SEEN ME TRAVEL AND PLAYED ME OFFLINE. WHO KNOW I CAN PLAY LEGIT AND KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

    Go get your info from Future Press of Hates or whoever you need to teach you how to play this game. I'm flattered you feel the need to quote me trying to me look dumb, when really, you have no idea what you're talking about.

  9. D.I.N.O

    D.I.N.O [11] Champion

  10. franman

    franman [12] Conqueror

    DINO, let's play on PSN. I'm looking forward to learn some things from you.
  11. marinasea17

    marinasea17 [06] Combatant

    I need that MS paint picture of Jecht going "IM THE BEST FAGIT".

    Its too appropriate for this thread.
  12. Alex.J

    Alex.J [14] Master

    Which Canadian is D.I.N.O again? I only remember Neorussel because he has the courtesy of letting me know who he is by jumping out of the ring.
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  13. Panther

    Panther [09] Warrior

    Hey you guys get to talk smack to one another. I cannot even talk smack to the Japanese/Korean in the top 20 because they do not understand English. Probably the first thing they would say would be the Japanese/Korean equivalent of "lol wut u sae". :(

    Or probably along the lines of "the weather is pickled".

    MONEYMUFFINS [13] Hero

    I was here all along. I met Reno before Reno started the scene in SC2, when he ran his first big SC1 tournament in 2000 and I was competing. Meeting Toronto players was an incidental thing later on.

    Canada's drama must stay within Canada. I've had enough beef with Toronto and I'm tired of all this two-faced bullshit. Everything said about me is wrong unless I say it's true first. Fuck anybody trying to dictate who I am.

    This thread is about me, except it's bogus, because if I were doing it, it'd be front page news.
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  15. b4k4

    b4k4 [06] Combatant

    Eh, whatever. I knew Reno before SC2 as well because we were some of the only members in the Toronto VF4 scene. You were absent or a non-factor during the span of SC2 (as I recall), just like I was absent or a non-factor during SC3 and 4. I don't know what two-faced bullshit you're referring to dude, but it's not coming from me. Besides, my point wasn't "Vints isn't an OG," it was "Dino isn't a Vints clone, because he's always been this way." The only one bringing Toronto "beef" to this thread is you.

    MONEYMUFFINS [13] Hero

    I wasn't saying you were two-faced to me, because I've only seen you once. I saw my name mentioned a million times and I got a great big boner.

  17. lobo

    lobo Luminario

    i thought that the thread about "dealing with spammers" was the scrubbiest thing on 8wr.

    i was wrong.

    ps: DINO likes the worst trance ever.
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  18. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    Ended up jumping out of the ring on match point instead of beating dino a day or two ago. Kinda salty.
  19. Fuzzieviking

    Fuzzieviking [13] Hero

    how is this thread still open?
  20. TagYouRPregnant

    TagYouRPregnant Team Ceddy Bear! ♥

    Was not impressed by your performance at WB. :P
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