The Apprentice Combo & Tech Trap Discussion


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I doubt those are guaranteed. I'm sure they can air control away after the 8K. And 8A+K is his high sideways jump, are you sure you don't mean something else?


[08] Mercenary
From 8K, 8A+K does the force levitate...i don't think you need the 8 there, but it's the input I always use and it seems to work everytime, I haven't yet had them shaken off in a battle.

Oh, ok, I figured out why I use 8A+K, instead of having a delay, then the Force Levitate, The Apprentice uses a Force Jump to instantly reach the opponent for Air Control. If you don't use the 8A+K, instead you only use the A+K, then you wont make contact in the air.

Hmm, ok I checked out what you were saying, and it's more like:

2A+B_3B 8A+K AABB_2A+B - Seems to be a Guaranteed Combo

44K 8K 6BA+B 6BBK_B+KBBB6BBK - Guaranteed on all characters against which I have tested.

44K 8K 2A+B 8A+K AABB_2A+B - Again, seems to be pretty guaranteed.


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I'll be honest, I do. Next to OOFMATIC I consider my Apprentice to be the best on PSN. Why? I constantly search far and wide for better and am always disapointed. If you don't agree then lets have a match ok? ^_^
Please don't think I'm some cocky asshole. I'm FAR from it ^^ Really guys its just that I've been working my ass off for damn near an entire YEAR with him and I'm finally receiving praise and winning the majority of my matches. I KNOW I've worked on him longer and trained harder with him then practically ANYBODY. I know most of you 2nd 3rd 4th 5th main/ "casually" play him. Well I'm a 100% devoted Apprentice SCIV player damnit so sorry If I appear over confident what can I say I'm passionate >_< !

Anyway, on to one of the strongest possible Apprentice combos that I've discovered. Please note, it requires full force, a shake able stun (which be omitted however , only there for extra damage) and 2 tech traps. But I've caught quite a few players with this monster. Enjoy.
4A, 66A+B, 3K, 1B, 2A+B, 66B+K, 44A+B, 3B8 AABB
Oh and that combo I listed hits for 199DMG. Remember where you heard it first ^_^


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I learned a combo while fighting roldu that has use for LV B+K. but it can only b used if the opponent is nearly directly under u when hit, it uses stun factor. its: LV B+K,(after landing next to stunned opponent), 3B into the any of the following: AABB, AAA+B, B+K, or 2G into D-Pad up KA.


[08] Mercenary
I have a couple of combos that im willing to share for different situations

If Your opponent keeps doing horizontal attacks-
1A, b+kbbb6b3b FC8k:a, 2a+b, 66b+k, 44b.... a little more than 60% of health bar and you still have 1/4 of a force bar left

If your oppenent keeps doing Vertical attacks-
99k,3k, 6b3b FC8k:a, 2a+b, 66b+k, 44b... about 55% of health bar and you still have 1/4 of a force bar left

My pattend pending combo/frame trap-
44k, 6b a+b, 6b a+b 66(till you run right under him and end up in BT) BTb+k, 3k, 6b3b, FC8k:a.... I love this combo but limit it because it is easy to catch on to

or if you juss want to do a crazy combo that Ive pulled off only about 3 times in a real match-
99k,3k, 6b3b FC8k:a, 2a+b, 66b+k, FC8k:a, 2a+b,66b+k, 44b... im not sure how much of the health bar is absorved but its a deadly amount, your force bar will b completly sucked down tho which leaves you in a hangover state lol

for those of you that didnt understand the combos, I am going to make a combo video soon so you guys can see the power of the apprentice first hand