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  • well, you said 30 or 45 minutes yesteday and never came back.

    hope you're ok. where you at?
    lol ye u better bro cuz im goin hard so prepare for my V.2 !!!zahahahah haahhhhhhhhh yeh its tht dramatic XD. its gonna make a return tho i havent used it tht often i last used it on a vader sunday night tho. i did win tht match too
    well I play with a bunch of my friends and my cousin, but they all suck because none of them actually own the game, but one of my friends I use to play with was pretty decent but I pissed him off so bad one day he threw his controller up against the wall and said, "I never want to play this stupid fucking game ever again". And he hasn't played it ever since lol. My cousin plays too but he doesn't play that seriously, mostly only when he plays with me.
    yo did ya add my XBL? What's yours, and PM me your number so I can hit you up for some gamezzzzzz.. you play with any local people?
    yo rasec il b on friday bro then we mite b able to get some games in. i beat ace so its me vs roldu in the finals of gfaqs tourney 7. lol u should come to the room and watch on friday.
    Lol get SC for xbox it only cost me like ten bucks at gamestop, it'll cost me 300 dollars to get a Ps3 lol. and you dont have an msn?
    modesto, huh? I live in Atwater. So you're like 30 minutes away if I drive fast xD. You got msn or something so we can talk? Add my xbox ID. LMV209
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