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[09] Warrior
Well.. read the forums and discover some of his better moves and setups, then practice them and come back with more specific questions.


[09] Warrior
Time and experience or read the boards and practice or both. I prefer to find out stuff on my own and fill in the blanks by reading up on stuff or asking questions with my characters, that way not only do you get good but you develop your own unique play style.


[13] Hero
for his 3B8... air juggle, which way can the opponent AC out of?
im mostly seeing they can AC backwards... but i just want to confirm it... therefore i post.

thanks ^_^
Is the Apprentice at negative frames when he force breaks a grab? I can get his 2A to trade with Setsuka's 2A, both being i14. This makes me think its neutral, but a friend of mine told me he was at disadvantage after a force grab break.


WR B, NSS A+B, GS KK, W!, 4KK, 33B, GSB
Does iWR 8K, A+B work when you're facing your opponent on the ground? IE your head is facing towards them rather than your feet?


WR B, NSS A+B, GS KK, W!, 4KK, 33B, GSB
Ok so I answered my own question, you can do iWR 8K, A being feet towards an opponent, just not laying down face first.

In an interesting turn, I found out Force Pull is


[10] Knight
Yea I found out playing someone online that the force pull is GIable along with Vader's Force Hang ( 4A+B ), I just find it that the timing is rather hard though...