The Basics of Soulcalibur

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Follow the rules!
"Relearn the basics."​
Soulcalibur is a game of simple principles. Knowing these principles will lead to your success- and neglecting them will result in failure.​
Mastering the basics enables you to play as any character, and use any style. It is absolute freedom; a fundamental understanding allows you to take total control of your character, of the match, and of the game.​
Grasp victory firmly in your hands. Knowledge is power.

Advantage and Disadvantage

The most important lesson- speed and time. Options, frames, numbers, and stealing the high ground from your opponent.


The basic plan of attack- penetrate the opponent's guard and assure your success, even when uncertain of the enemy's movements.


Attacking your opponent while he is on the ground, weak and vulnerable. Return them to the earth, that they shall never rise again.


Exploiting the vulnerability of an attacking opponent- taking away their options by penalizing their use.


To swing and miss is one of the most damning things you can do. Understand it, prevent yourself from doing it, and punish your opponents for attacking haphazardly.


Use your opponent's knowledge of the rules against them, and violently explode when it's least expected. Your adversaries are only human.


Know the range of your attacks, and the range of your enemy. Reach them while preventing them from reaching you.


The importance of the humble backwards dodge. Step away from your opponent's attacks and strike their weakness.


The timing of nature, persisting throughout all things. Find your opponent's rhythm and halt him before he has a chance to begin.


The low, detestable, and juvenile are valued weapons as well. Everything is permitted- spare no expense in finding every one of your opponent's weaknesses, including his own ignorance.

Reading & Adaptation

See through the pattern in your opponent's actions, and catch him at every turn. Change rapidly to find their weakness, so that there is no escape.


All enemies are not the same. The importance of study, of training to be the best fit for defeating particular opponents.


The threat of loss lurks around every corner. Offer your opponent no opportunities, and fight bravely in the face of certain death.


The importance of loss. Dispersing emotion from fighting, and investing in your own defeat. Establishing a feedback loop, and tapping into infinite potential.


The truth behind the game. Achieving your full potential, and becoming the coldly efficient, untouchable warrior, while also realizing your own humanity.

The journey to mastery is a long one, without any clear end. But, armed with knowledge and a resolute spirit, you may very well come close to achieving perfection.

The real Soulcalibur starts here.
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