The Wolf-Pack: Zwei Player Introductions


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This thread is essentially giving us the chance to introduce ourselves to one another. It's also in my hopes that this can become a match-finder for Zwei mirrors where we can help one another become stronger players. It's going to be gameplay based as all threads in a soul-arena should be, however it will be slightly more lenient than other threads for the purpose of it remaining a friendly place for people to discuss matches with one another. As other players other than me chime in I'll update the original post with them and their network games. Feel free to add in other details such as common times you're available, other characters you play(thus could help build match up knowledge against), or anything else that might be important or helpful.

Sephalump-PSN "sephalump": Zwei, Pat, Cerv, Algol, Pyrrah Omega. I'm on a good chunk of the time so I'm pretty open. Mid-West United States.

Tade-Masu-XBL "Two Testiskulls": NM, aPat, Aeon, Sieg, Damp, DJ, Ast, Maxi, Mitsu, Natsu

soultruthgemini- XBL "soulcortez": Zwei, Sieg, Raph. Usually on after 8 PM Eastern with occasional exceptions. South-Eastern United States.

ka-kui- XBL "Oo_kakui_oO": Pat, Zwei. Chile South America.

Leonyx- XBL "Leonyx3": Zwei, Raph, Xiba

Boezy- XBL "BigBlueCaldense", "xX Boezy Xx": Zwei, NM, Voldo


[08] Mercenary
GT: Two Testiskulls
Region: Home of the tea and crumpets

I use NM, ZWEI, Patsuka, Aeon, Sieg, Damp, D. Jin, Asta, Blaxi, Mitsu, Natsu and a lot more.

Eventually though I will be dropping NM (main) and main ZWEI along with Patsuka. So that shall be interesting being on the losing side every match. Oh wait, I'm used to that!


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Gamertag: soulcourtez im in tampa. im mostly available after 8 pm eastern due to work, with the exceptions here and there. i plan on picking up siegfried, and raphael.


[09] Warrior
Hey guys. I've just started playing ZWEI and I'm not very good, but my gamertag is Leonyx3. I also play Raph and Xiba.


[08] Mercenary
Gamertag: xX Boezy Xx, however for the time being I'm using my friend's account, BigBlueCaldense

I play Z.W.E.I., Nightmare and Voldo. Hopefully I'll see some of you on Live.


Video games kill people
Main post updated, thanks guys. If you want feel free to put your region/state etc you live in. That way someone looking for games could pick the nearest player to(hopefully) experience less lag.


[10] Knight
GT: Goofy Grazel
I'm in MN and I "main" Kilik, with a special emphasis on Mare, Cervy and Rugi, but I do enjoy playing Zwei when I feel like losing :) Also, I frequent the NY Colloseo Lobby a lot so if you ever want to play some, there's a good chance I'll be in there.


[14] Master
RVT Syn - Xbl

Nottingham - England

Main: Edgemaster
Secondaries: A Patroklos, Pyrrha O, Nightmare
Tertiary: Z.W.E.I

If I'm on Xbl you'll find me in the following colleseums:
New York

Yeah, I'm learning Wolfy - deal with it. =)


[12] Conqueror
XBL: Lasercakes

I'm usually on at fucked up times, usually past midnight or before noon East coast time. Hopefully as I get more free time I'll be on at more normal times. I'm in Massachusetts in the US.


[09] Warrior
I'd love to play someone if they're in the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities area.

Also, I probably should have said that I'm working on my Dampierre as well (though not very seriously right now).


[09] Warrior
Can I play the meeting people game, even though I don't have an XBL/PSN account at the moment?

I'm in Cleveland, Ohio most of the year. I stick to Z.W.E.I. and Hilde.


The Wanderer
I main Zwei and i post on these forums a bit. XBL: NMSxDarkRhythm. Secondary is Cerv and Third Is Edge Master. Im on a lot butI am in school so not all the time.

Edit that I just realized lol---Im from Gloucester Virginia usa


[08] Mercenary
From: Andalucía, Spain, Western Europe.
PSN: FaustReet.
Trying to improve my werewolfness with great justice. Maining ZWEI and Patroklos.


[08] Mercenary
XBL: Beefwater
Location: Austin, TX

New to SC overall. Never played it. Picked up astoroth and Zwei. Loving both. Looking to make Zwei my main, but I have soo much to learn.


XBL: JustinAkatsuki
Location: Tallahassee FL
Currently in training with Zwei


[08] Mercenary
XBL: Advent Hobo
Location: Sidney, ME
Main Z.W.E.I., sub Maxi

I don't own the game yet, but my friend and I play all the time and he lets me borrow the game a lot.


[09] Warrior
My gamertag for Live is attached to this profile (Dustinsworth). I'm located in the Bay Area, California, and am currently using Zwei. This guy has a lot of great tools, but requires forward thinking for the setups. If anyone would like to play against a half-decent Zwei, look me up.

Should anyone like to school me and give feedback, look me up as well. I'm in it to improve and have fun, not just win.


[08] Mercenary
XBL Gamertag - TheHolyVagabond

I'm just starting out on ZWEI. My CaS of him I (tried to) made to look like Ra's Al Ghul (and so far have failed). I'm gonna be losing as him a lot for now but when I get frustrated/get tired of losing I pick Pyrrha (looks like Lightning from FFXIII-2).