Tira Matchup Discussion

Violent Vodka

Pick Your Poison
Yeah, but at that point, you're at a disadvantage. Running up, blocking, getting hit + backstepped.

It's a painful cycle.

Seran Zealot

[10] Knight
I dunno, my only issue with NIghtmare is dealing with flapjacks. Usually it's easy enough to beat them out, most Nightmare's use GS way too much. I think that's what it is anyway.

Violent Vodka

Pick Your Poison
GS is a bit overused and if you're able to deal with it appropriately, it can be painful for them.

GS A can be ducked + small punish or Einsatz'd.
GS K can be blocked + small punish.
GS kBE can be blocked, ducked + decent punish or JG & Einsatz'd for 2 full bars of meter.

I can usually tell when a throw is coming, but they will catch me off guard occasionally. I try to 9K when I sense one coming for that CH.