Top 10 moves


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As a total Soul Calibur noob I'd love to see what you guys think are his top 10's. I've seen this type of thread all over Tekken Zaibatsu and on some other pages like Pat's (my other main). If you guys could put what you think are his top 10 and why that would be awesome, thanks.


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1. iMCF
2. DNK
3. A+K
4. 6K
5. 3B
6. FC 3K
7. 4KB
8. SDF B
9. 9B+K K
10. aB+K

Something like that.


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What exactly do the notations stand for, like I said, total noob -o- tron over here.

So something like FC 3K is really crouching down forward K (or kick). The numbers are setup to correspond with a numpad (5 being neutral). Some special Yoshimitsu notations are DGF/MED/SDF/FLEA which are his stances Manji Dragonfly, Meditation, Super Dragonfly, and Flea. He formerly had two more but they were removed in V. DNK stands for Doorknocker It's used because it's shorter and looks cleaner than its real notation. iMCF is JF Manji Carve Fist or 2a:B but you might be able to completely substitute 6B(BE) for it since it's far far far easier to do and even gives you a bit of range on it.

Oh yeah, BE stands for brave edge (EX attacks) and CE stands for critical edge (supers). And most people will type 66 instead of [6] to indicate 8 way run.


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6B should be somewhere on there I'd say.
Does that still stun on CH? I haven't tested it yet and just stopped using it for some reason.

EDIT: It's fast now so I could see it being pretty useful.


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I cant remember but didnt 6k have like a low after doing it?
did they remove it?
It's gone, but 6K got a huge buff in terms of how well it punishes. I'd rather have this 6K than 6K2K any day.


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his 6B is pretty quick and safe on block. i use it as an interupt or a poke.... it looks like there's the 3B coming after it... and for some reason people try to attack after it..... from there it's pure mind games. 6B, for me, is easily a top 5 move because of it's usefulness AND safe after block.


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Especially since after a while 6K2K won't fool anybody...[]
6K2K wasnt to fool anybody it was to punish unsafe moves...

Right now my top ten are

Throws - ( very big with him if you use all of them )
66/33/99A+B (With fakes)
CE ( Best punisher ive seen so far )

This yoshi is very poke heavy, hes almost too shitty to have only a top 10, you really have to use alot of different moves and mind games every time you play... Unless your just a very good defensive player and can wait to punish or fish for CH's with iMCF and a:B+K.

Basicly I use alot of A,A B,B 2B, 2A, 2k, 3K, 6K , K , 44bB, a:B+K, iMCF, 9K, 9B, 3A,B


Is AA still as fast as it was in SC4? I think it was i10.
Pretty sure it was i11. I think only like X and Taki had i10 As didn't they?

Top 10 for me in no order. Not counting the multitude of awesome throws.
-MCF speed, combo, interrupts and frame traps
-FC3K same old trusty long distant low with good damage if you take the follow up into account
-4K, B new best back spacking medium long whiff punisher
-6B good poke, good advantage, old 6A light
-3B good launcher, fairly safe, combo potential, ground hits
-SDGFB super fast unblockable that mixes well with SDFA and throws
-Parting Thrust (though I still say it's pointlessly nerfed. Shoulda left it like it was in BD...) short medium range fast poke with damage potential on CH
-6K punishment, combo ender
-3K mid range poke, advantage on hit
-Doorknocker combo potential, on CH great damage potential!

Lots of good individual moves. Really despite all the complaining, he still has a very large functional toolset!


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So I haven't been able to do his iMCF at all. Is it a just frame or something?
Yeah and it's much easier this time around. Hit 2 and A together, release them quickly meanwhile your thumb is quickly sliding over B. Or you can just use the brave edge version.


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Yeah and it's much easier this time around. Hit 2 and A together, release them quickly meanwhile your thumb is quickly sliding over B. Or you can just use the brave edge version.
You don’t have to release 2. Just A.


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Right. But you don’t have to release it. All I was saying. Otherwise it sounded as if 2 couldn’t be pressed while sliding on B. Which is false.