Top 10 Moves


Goderator of pink hearts
Obligatory thread that may help other Tiras in a rut.

1. BB - Necessary for my up close game at this point
2. 88K - Unsafe nearly unreadable low makes the mids more powerful
3. 33_66_99AA - Whiff punisher
4. 6K - -11 TJ that forces crouch. Yea you need this.
5. 2K - Wonderful on CH. Get your WS B on impatient players
6. WS B - Mmmm sweet damage
7. 11_44_77B - A good low that's even better on CH
8. 3B - (-)12 so nothing too dangerous can punish it
9. 1A - (-)12 also but incredible for tech traps and hard to read when used right
10. 66B - Mixed with chippy lows it becomes much better

1. BB - Meat and potatoes. Once baited a GS B+K with this.
2. 88K - Mix it up with 88B
3. 6K - Same as JS
4. 2K - Same as JS
5. WS B - Same as JS
6. 11_77B - Same as JS
7. 88B - Great when mixed with 88K + damage!
8. 3kA - Great move that feels completely safe (havta test)
9. 3B - (-)12 but damage off it makes it fearworthy. 88K makes it more fun!
10. 1A - same as JS

Honorable mentions to GS and JS 2A+B (GS - TJ and damage; JS - great for oki), GS 66K (great damage for little effort on CH), GS and JS WS K (juicy TC and TJ goodness) and JS 44K (punisher I prefer in JS because her stuff seems to bait it better).


[09] Warrior
I'm personally a fan of GS :B::+::K: because I like to play counteroffensive, and some mids are just easy to see coming sometimes that a twitch reaction will let me hit :B::+::K: easier than :6:_:3::G:. Solid damage, inescapable (unless outside grab range), a painful animation that people HATE watching themselves shredded by, and it heals her slightly!

JS :B::+::K: is a little trickier to use, since it only works on "light hits" like a standard :A::A: or :B::B:. Good "surprise" interrupt for fast, light-hitting characters like Maxi or Talim, or impatient players who react with :A::A: or :B::B: on block. In order for it to go into effect, the enemy has to strike Tira TWICE; once to activate the change, and twice to trigger the GI (which will likely put her back into JS). Some people might be fast enough to see the GI after their first attack connects, so there's always the option of tapping :A::+::K: during the GI animation to make Tira headbutt to catch anyone who runs in for a throw.

I'd also like to make a shoutout to :1::B: and JS :4::B:. These moves aren't as trashy as I thought they were originally. :1::B: is especially useful for plugging fast tech-crouch characters like Amy or Sophi, and :4::B: with proper timing can plug a fast aggressive character like Taki or Yoshimitsu and put you far enough away to start mixing up :1::A:, :6::A::B:, :2::A::B:, whatever tickles your fancy.


[10] Knight
My Top 10 Moves (in no particular order) UPDATED - 01/31/09

1- GS 2A+B: Good for approaching your opponent. On regular hit it grounds them. CH it bounces them for a free combo. The TJ is also a nice bonus.

2- GS 44A: Auto-step move that's pretty good at making the opponent whiff and punishing them afterward. Useful for getting out of pressure-rushdown and reverse ROs.

3- GS 88_22A: A TC move that is my #1 whiff punisher while in GS. Flings the opponent away giving you distance again on both regular and counter hit. I also love ROing with this move. Follow up with GS 2A+B for extra damage and to get pressure going.

4- GS 66K: A decent advancing move that is fairly safe on block. AT on CH which I love only second to her throw from her GS B+K aGI.

5- JS 66B: Bounces opponent on both regular and counter hit (GLOOMY NEEDS A MOVE LIKE THIS [/rage]). I normally follow up with a 44K in hope for a mood change. Another follow up is A+B. Also does nice soul gauge damage. Oh yeah, THIS MOVE SHOULD HIT GROUNDED BTW. WTF NAMCO. [/rage]

6- JS 6AB: Decent for conditioning people. That's what I use it for mostly. Be careful against characters with crouch throws. If the B is blocked, free crouch throw attempt.

7- JS 88_22B: Great move to use whenever you ground your opponent. It's also safe from a good distance.

8- JS 44AA: The guard crush of the second hit gives you positive frames on block I believe. Also a decent conditioner because of it's other variants.

9- 4B+K: A move that I almost always neglected in the past and really have no idea why I did. It TCs fairly early in the animation and is relatively safe. Whiffing with this move as the opponent is grounded and rolling in 1 direction also puts you in BT for when the opponent gets back up

10- 88K: A decent low that TCs pretty fast and, due to it's animation, is hard to read unless it's spammed. Use wisely as it is very very unsafe.

Honorable Mentions: iWS B: very reliable TC move that TCs throughout the entire animation from the looks of things. Floors opponent on regular hit and becomes an AT on CH , 4A+B: A nice move to use post GI that gives positive frames on block., 4A:A: Another nice move to use post GI 6K: A great poke that TJs and has decent distance.

I'll update again when/if this list changes.


[10] Knight
So far and in no order:

GS 44A
JS 22B

These moves along with throws work very well for me.


johNNy blaZe
my top 14

GS 44444K
GS 66666B (combo tool)
WS A in GS it's better
6K in GS it's better
GS 3kA


[08] Mercenary
No order

88K (My little GS switcher of choice XD, the switcher also got me the nickname mr. 88K from Miko)
GS 44A
JS 22B
GS 88A (OMG knockback and whiff punish)
JS 66K
2A (Good poke)
Updraft (FTW)
6B (It's 6B nuff said)

Honorable Mentions

GS 2A+B - Stops rolling, good CH combos
WS K - Has its uses, i prefer over the noob loved WS B.


[08] Mercenary
Yes I kno but I just like WS K over WS B, never said i don't use one or the another tidus......


[09] Warrior
wsK TCs like a champ already!

But I definitely use wsB as well, especially when I KNOW it'll hit.


[09] Warrior
1.GS 2A+B ( has saved me so many times )
2.JS 66B
3.GS 3B
4.JS 88A
5. 8B+K
6. BT B+k B
7. all her throws
8. 4B,B,B just frame
9.66666B GS
10.444444K GS

thats it


[08] Mercenary
Lets see...

JS -
Basic Stuff(AA, BB, 2A, 2K, Throws...)|

Basic Stuff(AA, BB, 2A, 2K, throws)
4B:B(With another :B if the other two hit)

And others I use -
JS 44A combos
GS 88B


[08] Mercenary
Generally my top 10 moves for Tira [(JS) and (GS) mixed moves]:

1)6K.nice range.antihigh(not from the first frames) and antilow ofcourse.great for poking.

2)88K.even is not so safe it is her best low move.also combo starter.

3)88_22B(JS).the best move for poking.great for oki game and with good range.

4) Soul calibur III this move was (sadly) a disaster.but in SCIV this move is one on the best tools for Tira's it is safe and it still has the great range and side step catch.the only problem is that it has slow recover.also excellent for CF game.

5)3B(GS).even if it is not completely safe (especially from fast AAs like Taki's) this move in (GS) has good properties generally.good for poking,good enough for punish,combo starter,very good also for CF game.

6)77_11K.unsafe only from AAs (Taki,Yoshi).instead of this its one of her best moves.good range,combo starter (also during a combo like wall combos),good for poking also.if also hits she can continue for BT game or mix up.on counter the BT B+K B is guaranteed as you probably know.

7) SCIII this move is one of her finest Tira's Weapons!(one of the best antilows in the game.)imo the best with Cassandra's 1K.

8)WSB.also this move is so better than in SCIII.very usefull for damage or RO.Tira players must use this move very often.

9)77_11_44B (JS) or 77_11(GS).this move is one of the best Tira's tools.its super safe on block and get enough advantage on Block to make a mind game.furthemore this move it guarantees an extra combo if it his on counter!

10)i have 4 moves in my head right now but i think that the 10th move must be 66B or 66666B (GS).some people maybe disagree with this.since that move is extremely linear and it cost damage to Tira.but its her best tool for easy damage to the opponent.with this move Tira can actually perform a 6hit combo or more because this move is always in the most of Tira's combos(Tira's combos usually ended with this move).ofcoure you mustn't do this move randomly.but i think that this move is one of the best Tira's moves.

the other moves that i was about to choose were:44A(GS) Tira's evade move.11A great for poking or oki game.and the last one was 6AAAAA(GS).its one fo her best punish moves.but sadly has a lot of problems especially because the opponent can crouch it after the second hit.

i was wrote 10 moves generally because that was the title of the i mixed (GS) and (JS) together.if you want my 10 moves for (GS) and (JS) seperatelly i will make other list :)


[08] Mercenary
Since this topic has died down a bit I decided to do one too!!!

In no particluar order


1. 4B... my most recently discovered treasure (used to think it was trash), great for spacing and puttin distance between you and speedy character. Do it back to back and its usually magic. DONT try use it offensively though.
2. 1B... also perfect for interrupting strings
3. 1K... really reliable low that tracks grounded opponents who like to roll around after being knocked down. i dont abuse this enough ill admit
4. 88K... great low that opponents hate getting caught by
5. Updraft K... specifically the one that acts as a low, this has won many matches for me
6. 4A+B... good for ppl who love to gi... plus, if delayed it turns into a GB, SHOULD turn into an unblockable but watev
7. 11_77 K... really quick, great opening move, leave Tira BT which is a plus
8. 1A... a really great low, that works WAY more often than it should, but i dnt mind it :)
9. 22_88A... a move that doesnt receive much adoration, great match opener, and tech steps, which you gotta love. Has some RO potential too.
10. 22_88B... great keep away move, really quick, safe... if ur opponent takes ONLY the second hit this moves stuns them (weird i kno). Try workin it into a wall combo. You'll see what i mean.


1. 2A+B... great on no matter what type of hit! CH= pop up, NH= grounded opponent, Blocked= nice soul gauge damage. Im not sure about the frame info, but if uve got a 44K or 44A bufferin than ur golden if blocked
2. 44K... ridiculously fast, perfect in mid combo, and the JF looks so kool! can hit male opponents after 1A.
3. 66A... great for jugglin and on CH, looks kool when JF'ed
4. 66K... on CH hit this attack speaks for itself! JF=koolness
5. 44A has gotten me out of many tights spots, I honestly dont believe this can be GI'd... JF wreaks of koolness.
6. B+K aGI... love this move
7. 22B... an underated GB IMO, great for grounded opponents, and after 3B, and during wall combo season. chews through Soul Gauge something fierce.
8. 44B... a hard to hit stun and aGI... though i thinks its mean to be feared to the way it rapes soul gauge, and gives advantage on block, especially when followed by the right JF.. just get ur opponents SG low enough and this will be somethin they'll fear. JF is the least kool looking
9. WS K... Stuns on CH, has all the right forms of teching
10. 66B... this move has come through for me more times than i can count.. Def my favorite in the whole game. JF is the definition of kool.. And whenever it resets her back to gloomy (at that 40% mark) an angel gets its wing, and my undies get a little tighter lol

Honorable mention!!!
WS B, pwns too, i just forgot to put it in, and im too lazy to go back. damages better than some Unblockables, rapes Soul Gauge, and can be combo off a while if used properly

JS 66K.. great for baiting urself a GI

A+K i like this move despite its lack of popularity.. can stun after CH 2A+B, and helps combo for UPD B!

JS 44K... if u can shake the stun ur lookin at a pretty sweet combo

8B, has same properties as WS B except it jumps first

3B... stuns in Gloomy, pops up in Jolly, not too shabby

6A+B... yes, the unblockable, use it by a wall and ur lookin at combo potential (angling it is a bit of a pain though)..
ive looked into it... for GS #2 it hits male characters SOME of the time

also A+B is a solid tool too


Goderator of pink hearts
Allow me to correct you a bit jablez.

-If 1A is working well I hope you mean offline. Ok for anti-step at mid range.
-JS 22_88B is not quick but because of the way it animates you'd think so.
-GS 2A+B and the like are -5 on block. 2A beats both those options you listed. Still in your favor to mixup tho.
-Gender doesn't affect 44K hitting grounded. It's all position.
-GS 66A sucks for juggling cuz you can only guarantee one and you lose oki. AC is your enemy. If I see another combo vid with multiple BF 66As I swear.....
-GS 44B is -10 on block. Though it really doesn't matter since the pushback prevents Taki AA from connecting.
-JS 44K: If you get self-stunned nothing's guaranteed since the opponent can recover a tiny bit after you can. On block you can shake it also but it's still unsafe.
-A+B used to be solid. Then they made it NCC, less damaging, and unsafe. Screw you Namdai. Good for anti-step tho.


[08] Mercenary
Allow me to correct you a bit jablez.

-If 1A is working well I hope you mean offline. Ok for anti-step at mid range.

well first off, let me thank u for spitting on my hopes and dreams :( lol j/k... but seriously, as for 1A I was reffering to online, i kno it shouldnt be that effective, but the guys i play fall for it a good chunk of the time... unless i start tryin to abuse it...

I knew about the 66A thing too, curses to AC... Im not totally sure y i put it though, probably to mention its koolness when JF'ed... And all the rest of the corrections you made were huge eye openers so thanks for that, somebody's gotta keep these boards flowin
also Mikosu, while i have u... what are ur thought on GS 6kB... i really want this move to be awesome but im just not sure about it


Goderator of pink hearts
No worries. Just don't want you being misinformed. We'll all be better with honesty.

GS 6bK you mean? I don't have any offline competition so I dunno how readable it is. I'd imagine with the little hop she does beforehand there's a chance they could see it. It's -4 on hit and only knocks down on CH. That's why I think it sucks. Oh and it's linear. BUT if it's hard to read then I'll change my mind regardless of the frames. It really should KND on NH.


[08] Mercenary
oh yea i meant 6bK, my bad... but yea i agree with u about its KND properties... also online ive hit with it a few times so its possible that its hard to read, but offline could be a whole different story