Types of Scrubs


Gentlemen of the Road
What about those of us who don't care about combos or any of that nonsense, or even winning, and just play because the game is fun?

Course, me and my friends usually turn it into a drinking game.


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The Style-Over-Skill Scrub

Spends weeks practising the most ridiculously hard combos, but doesn't know how to land one if the opponent fights back, or blocks.

Likes to use certain attacks just because they look cool. No matter how worthless they are.
Usually also knows the names for every attack in the command list.
So adding on to this.....

These type of peeps also love to bash those without style yet gets beat by the efficient simple way. They're like those "one true string" scrubs, except more into using stylish moves over logical skill. Their logic is always utilizing a different move is what makes a good player. Such "fashionable yet tragic drama beauty queens" is what they become, when the ridiculous logic they go by is not followed.

But really, I get chewed up for just punishing these peeps. Get called a spammer for using basic defense haha.


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*meekly raises hand*
Put it down. You're not like those kind.

The kinds we're referring to goes like this:

Add this on to Wandrian's dress up scrub....

The dress-up scrub thinks playing hardcore is being a "try hard" and they "take the fun out of the game" and many more excuses. Warning! If you do not use a different character that looks fashionable, play like their skills level, and talk on mics, go easy on them, and other ridiculous rules, you will be booted. If you happen to meet one their tedious guidelines or so, they might let you stay.

The G.I.R.L/girl scrub

To put it simply, their excuse is waving the fact they are a girl. But at times, it could be a G.I.R.L.(Guy in real life) trying to hide their identity via posing as a lady online. Sometimes, they can be nastiest scrubs around. Not only do they happen to be extremely bitchy, but they expect you to go easy on them and at times have a combination of the typical scrub archetypes. What makes them different from them is of course them flashing they're a girl or a G.I.R.L(but they don't tell you that).

The Landslide

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The Artful Dodger Scrub

Covers every loss by claiming to be good at some other title, often an obscure or old game that the two of you will never have a chance to play together. If confronted with the possibility of actually having to play the game they claim superiority in, excuses will be made and they will leave the encounter abruptly. A variation is when they claim to only like the older version of a currently popular game, often two or more generations old.
i sorta fall under the tier martyr and pro scrub in some ways. i play Tira and Leixia alot still despite the fact of their horrific nerfs but i have been picking up nightmare but need to face some other NMs that are better to learn from. my pro scrub is me complaining about the nerfs tira and Leixia have and that it should be changed.


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I got hatemail for a long time without even really thinking about it. If I played simply for the hatemail, I'd just be a hatemail fan, not a SC fan. Hatemail Fanboy Scrub?


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Nothing against people who enjoy CAS, but we DO find these people in ranked mode and other places they have no business being in and they get torn up BAD.
This seems to imply that ranked is almost legit.


I don't know.
That's "the sky is blue" kind of info. For the most part, people don't have a need to be a reminded of it. Well, half the folks here at least seem to.

Inori DWF

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The Frame Scrub

This scrub is similar to the tier scrub in which they like to argue theory every chance they get, but when they play the game they play Ping Pong Calibur. They never attack at disadvantage and always attack at advantage, thus creating a your turn my turn game. This mind-set can easily be beaten by doing the exact opposite (attack at disadvantage and reposition yourself while at advantage since they'll never attack.).