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[09] Warrior
Ill see if i can do something about this. I been busy lately with school and stuff so i never got the chance to look at it, sorry.

Dominic Augustus

[09] Warrior
I am new here and have decided to get into the Soul Calibur series even more, first play SC2 and then later SC3 however they were good games to play, but SCV could have been better with a actual Arcade mode, training mode, story line and plot, custom weapons, and keep some of the old characters like Zasalamel, Talim, and Setsuka by replacing the random characters like Edge Master, Kilik, and Elysium ( I rated it a 7/10) but I still like and enjoy playing it. I haven't spend much time with the new characters and haven't pick my favorite in SCV, but I do like Wolf man, (Z.W.E.I but I would like to call himWolf Jin also) Viola, and Raphael though.
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