What is your favorite single player mode in the series so far and what do you want to see in SC6?

Favorite single player?

  • Edge Master Mode (SB)

    Votes: 4 6.8%
  • Mission Mode (SC)

    Votes: 3 5.1%
  • Weapon Master (SC2)

    Votes: 12 20.3%
  • Tales of Souls (SC3)

    Votes: 13 22.0%
  • Chronicles of the Sword (SC3)

    Votes: 24 40.7%
  • Tower of Souls (SC4)

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • Story Mode (SC5)

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • Quick Battle

    Votes: 1 1.7%

  • Total voters


[10] Knight
Since we know now that Namco is listening to us I think this is something we should talk about so they get an idea of what we're interested in for the next game. Anyway for me the Weapon Master mode in 2 was the best and I want to see something similar in 6. The single player missions should have different challenges you need to overcome like defeating your opponent while you're poisoned, win by knocking the enemy off the stage and stuff like that. There should be unlockable characters, weapons (with weapon effects) and stages also. These things gave the earlier games longevity after everyone had moved on from the multiplayer and they offer unique experiences that you can't get anywhere else.


[10] Knight
I agree the extra weapons you could unlock was amazing. Would love to see that come back and just make them balanced without special attributes. Does anybody remember the CONQUEST mode in the Arcade version of SC2? I thought that was pretty cool and maybe that could be used to unlock special content or items. This is a given..but I would like to see a more in depth training mode..that has really good record features, like be able to record and save combos that I practiced with several slots to do so. Also this is a small but useful thing..like in training mode when you practice whiff/ blk punishment against various attacks, make it so the word PUNISHMENT appears on the side of the screen like in Tekken 7. I think it would be very useful for newcomers and veterans alike. Lol I can go on and on.


[10] Knight
Of course a TUTORIAL mode I feel should be a standard now for fighting games..I don't think soulcalibur has ever had one since SC3. It will be definitely be useful especially for those new to the series..umm how about a Replay mode with options to save and watch them. Just throwing some of the obvious stuff out there.
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[13] Hero
I'd say COTS & Tales of Souls definitely were just for being non-linear giving the players enough room to do things differently in every path they took, end up in different areas and could play through it their own way. Like a Pseudo-RPG that simulates the adventure aspect that a general arcade format can't do with just waves of enemies. Its what SC needed around the fighting. What COTS did right, was similar to MK Deception (unlike Tekken 6) was that the overworld itself did not give you undermining mechanics to fight battles in, but you could still play the matches with the game's actual fight system going in and out between both mechanics. Having the RTS/RPG map as its own mechanics definitely did a lot both for TOS and COTS.

Honorary mention is Soul Arena where the fighting conditions were varied enough for it to feel like you're actually doing different activities as opposed to just fighting under different settings like SC2's modes.
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[09] Warrior
Chronicles of the Sword. We all know CaS is one of the biggest draws of Soul Calibur and thats what makes it unique and special from other fighters. Why not play to this strength and expand with Create a Chronicle? We should be able to create the enemies (and someone had suggested stage design as a feature), and upload at the challenge on a soul calibre server for other people to beat. If I was to make every single character in Naruto, and put them in my custom made chronicle of sword, youtubers would be flocking to make videos on it. Bandai has never explored sandbox experiences, but thats really what gives games longevity.


[06] Combatant
I liked mission mode / weapon master mode a lot as well as tales of souls and the options it provides the player with each characters story.


[10] Knight
Chronicles of the Sword. Hands down. No competition. Best fun ever, playing with wife, where we both created our own characters and played out some crazy chatter. Can't do weird stuff like that in any story mode :D


[12] Conqueror
It is a no brainer that people like the modes in three more. Those should come back one way or another. If they want to make an epic storymode I think it should be something like those. Especially tales of souls. Though knowing (assuming) that they want to make it a storymode just like in...V...at least give some alternative choices? Or they could have both where the storymode could be canon while tale of soul could be a semi canon mode for which ever character you choose and follow through their journey. That would be perfect for me.


[07] Duelist
Does CaS count? I mean it and story are the only two single player modes I'm expecting to see returning, therefore I do want them in, as for ridiculous wishful thinking that will never happen : I personally loved both Tales of Souls and Chronicles of the Swords, but I know it's useless for me to wish for those to return since they were one-offs.


[03] Disciple
Weapon Master, then Edge Master Mode, then the Tower of Souls.

If they could come up with some variant of SC2's arcade Conquest mode... For Honor has something similar, I could see this kind of mode here, but not at the expense of a good core gameplay.

As an ex game dev, I don't expect game mode to be added this close to release, but we never know!


[10] Knight
Arcade mode (with endings) is good for me. I don't need anything else. Something like Treasure Battle (Tekken 7) could be a good idea for SC.

Rex Dart

[12] Conqueror
Can we talk about why people love Chronicles of the Sword so much? I enjoyed the mode a lot, but think it had some serious drawbacks. If Namco does include a substational single player mode in SC6 (and they absolutely won't), I think they could improve on this mode a lot.

So here are my pros and cons of CotS mode, based on my opinion and on what I've seen other people say.

Positives of CotS:
  • Story
  • Character creation is fun, and this mode gives a reason to use character creation
  • Grinding is fun and prevents you from getting stuck, since even hard battles can be overcome with grinding
  • Lots of content (lots of CAS outfits, tons of weapons and over 200 characters!!)
  • It's a great feeling to earn gold, buy weapons and armor in the store, and put it on your characters

Negatives of CotS:
  • Story (Personally, I thought it sucked, but some people liked it.)
  • Can't play as the main cast
  • Zero strategy required; just do the exact same thing on every map.
  • Some maps (most?) are a real slog
  • CAS weapon styles aren't very fleshed out, and you're forced to use them for the first half of the game
  • Enemy AI is rock stupid
Have I missed anything?


[14] Master
Really surprised at the SC3 Chronicles of the Sword popularity in here. I mean the mode was alright and something a bit different but it got repetitive quick for me personally. SC3 Tales of Souls is where it's at for me but simply having both of these modes would be a return to form that I have long waited for.


[12] Conqueror
Negatives of CotS:
  • Zero strategy required; just do the exact same thing on every map.
  • Some maps (most?) are a real slog
  • Enemy AI is rock stupid
Have I missed anything?
Using Bandit or Cavalry speeds things up a lot.

There are some maps where the AI rush you and you have to fall back, or that one mission where, if you want to rescue everyone, you have to take a very specific route.
The maps do always play out the same as the AI rarely actually reacts to your movements besides occasionally moving a unit into a tower you're attacking, but the last mission in particular is very difficult if you aren't over-levelled, unless you weaken the units by forcing them to target Knights, and then following up with Infantry to do as much damage as you can outside of the fight itself. If that's not a strategy, and one very specific to this particular stage, then I don't know what is.

I replayed CotS a couple of months ago, from a fresh save file too, so it's pretty fresh in my memory. And even talking about it now, I could probably do another playthrough.
It's that good to me.


[10] Knight
tales of souls, hands down. it'd be cool if they decided to bring it back with unique interactive cutscenes for each character. since sc6 is gonna be a reboot or revisiting or w/e to the tineline i really do want to see them go in depth and visually show parts of the characters’ backstories that have only been described in words.


[14] Master
Chronicles of the Sword's biggest flaw is its inconsistent difficulty, for sure. It should have been more difficult overall, and the enemy AI should react properly and actually make full use of the field and towers and that sort of thing. Like how you can retreat and buff up one of your towers and wait for them, they should do the same thing when they're losing, fortifying one of their more advantageous towers instead of either rushing you like an idiot or just going back to the main stronghold. Another improvement they might could make is have several routes, where you could see the story from the perspective of the various kingdoms, or just in general, let you influence who wins the conflict, instead of there being only one path.