What’s your Yoshi control scheme?


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This is partly inspired by the “Parting Thrust” thread, but I felt it warranted its own topic since it encompasses more than just that one move, could benefit from more peoples’ input, and applies to both pad and sticks.

Simply put, what is your control scheme for Yoshi? What are your extra button binds, if any? Some important considerations:
  • Traditionally more difficult simultaneous press moves to hit on pad are B+G, A+K, and to some extent A+B.
  • Yoshi’s parting thrust, a:B+K, is much easier if B+K is mapped to a single button.
  • Yoshi is one of the few (only?) SCV characters who still has A+K moves, viz. his suicide and IFP moves.
  • A+B+K is probably critical enough to warrant a button bind, certainly on pad without “claw style” grip.

I’ll start things off by admitting that I’m not quite sure what to do with my Yoshi at the moment. I personally feel the need for B+G, A+B, A+K, and A+B+K binds, which already fill my shoulder buttons; however, add that to the complete lack of reliability I get with tapping a:B+K, and I feel pressured to add A and B+K to the shoulder buttons as well, creating a conflict. I’ve experimented with various shoulder button layouts that would require hitting two buttons simultaneously for A+B+K and/or B+G, but I wasn’t having much luck performing CE/BEs or B grabs in actual matches with that.

Hoping some of you can share your layouts and the principles behind them, and report on how you perform specific moves if it’s not obvious.


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Definitely NOT a fan of button mapping (I'm a Tekken player and button mapping has always been banned).

I just started playing SCV and seeing how button mapping is allowed, I wanted to keep the mapping as minimal yet as effective as possible.

So at the moment, this is what I'm running with for Yoshi. I use stick by the way.

A,B,K, N/A
G,B+K, N/A, N/A

It's just the normal SC set up with a B+K button for Parting Thrust of course.

I gave up on iMCF since every single layout I tried resulted in me getting the move out like once out of 10 times.

For Parting Thrust, I can get it with this set up at a 90-95% success rate.

A+B and A+B+K are easy since all buttons are next to each other. Even B+K. As for A+K, I use Yoshi in Tekken as well so I'm used that kind of "spaced" input.

Some tips for a:B+K on the set up I have at the moment. Hit the bottom edge of the A button and as quick as you can slide to the button mapped as B+K. That way the game reads the A then B+K with out reading A+B+K. From what I noticed, if you hit only the edge of the A button, your finger has a shorter distance to travel to the B+K button and at the same time, you're releasing the A button much sooner thus preventing that annoying A+B+K read. Use either index or middle finger and just flick. Get the initial positioning of the finger right as I found out that is the most important thing in getting it right. After that it's not that hard. Just muscle memory.


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Here's what I'm thinking for when I finally get a stick again (eight-button layout):

A B  K    A   B
G G A+B+K B+K -

I put the extra G underneath B to make it easier to do K+G (I'm left-handed, and my right hand is my less-flexible hand). Having A+B+K as close as possible to the left also makes it easier to reach. The A above B+K column is for Parting Thrust. I put a B in the last column just so I can then slide from the second A to B for iMCF. Won't need anything for the last button on the bottom.

I can't say I'm a big fan of button mapping myself, but I think starting with this game I'm just gonna have to make an exception, given the large number of sliding to button combinations inherent in the system. []


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L2: B+G
L1: A+K

R2: A+B+K
R1: B+K

I just stopped using Parting Thrust because I haven't found a good use for it any longer. If I were to map L1/L2 to anything it would be A and B just for extra consistency for iMCF. This control setup has been working well for me though. Yoshi Flash is good enough to warrant always being binded.


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i use a controller and i just recently i've found my timing with parting thrust. i get it about 70 percent of the time right now.

R1 - A+B
R2 - B+K

L1 - A+K (only because i can use it for A+K or as A) i don't know if people actually know that.
L2 - A+B+K (used to be my B+G)

what i do is almost like a snap. i barely press [ ] and my middle finger hits B+K. either i get parting thrust or A+B which is also fine if they're blocking. and i get a free 6K. if i get parting thrust i RCC and 3B.


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I have a second A so I can do Parting Thrust. I have thought about going with something like this:

G B -

Because in my limited testing you can do iMCF with 2a:B+K and Parting Thrust with a:B+K. But I don't know if I want to move my B just so I can do Parting Thrust easier.


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Because in my limited testing you can do iMCF with 2a:B+K and Parting Thrust with a:B+K. But I don't know if I want to move my B just so I can do Parting Thrust easier.

I tested it for about an hour and it works fine. I manually hit a:B+K (no mappings) but from what I remember it works fine with B+K button mapped, too.


Dat Hillbilly
G - A B+K

This set up is working well for me... took about a week to get my fingers used to finding their way back home correctly but I have it down now... Probably will keep it like this... For every character I play...

If yoshi doesnt pick up soon though, he will probably go bye bye... We will see when I play mick this weekend, Im pretty sure his Lexia is going to wreck me as she is a beast compared to Yoshi.


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Yeah, 2a:B+K works for iMCF. I've swapped my R1 and R2 to A and B+K for both.


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SO super new to thread and soul calibur, don't have a character yet yoshmitsu is one I am leaning towards. This binding thing. Is it necessary? Hilde is the other character i am interested in there is thread about button binding as well.

I am going to get a hori fighting commander 3 but the button layout is the same as a stick. but i also feel this would work on normal pad include 360.

Sqr= A, TRi= G, R1 = A+B L1: A+G
X = K , O = B , R2 =A+B+K L2: B+G

You would be able to press any two buttons needed with just your thumb and they would still be fairly centered.
But as i have seen nobody mention this layout i feel i am missing the point for the bindings all together.


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Looking at yours, my scheme feels anti natural lol

Let's see:

Type A (everyone): R1: B+G R2: A+B+K; L1: B+K; L2: A+B
Type B (Yoshi/Voldo, although I don't really use it that much): R1: B+G; R2: A+K; L1: B+K; L2: A+B

May change another button to A+B+K if I see I have problems with CEs and BEs (specially this ones).


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I use standard ps3 controller

Circle = K
Cross = B+K(for parting thrust)
Square = A
Triangle = B
L1 = G
L2 = A+G
R1 A+B
R2 = B+K (again, but i use this one for stances since that is what works for me)
And when i need A+B+K i just do R1+Circle
atm i dont feel the need for anything else but then again, i only just hit c5


I Want To Be Happy
Mine is the exact same as the Poster's setup/
That’s kind of funny because I didn’t list my actual control scheme in this thread yet (my own thread).

Actually I should update it, currently I’m using the following:

Face buttons all default.
L1: A+K
L2: B+G
R1: A+B
R2: A+B+K

Advantages: I can do suicide and IFP moves (not that I do either very often).
Disadvantages: I still can’t do parting thrust or iMCF. Which is very bad.


Maybe I should switch to stick.


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I can do parting fist just fine with that setup.

Edit: That's the attack where he lick slices through them when they're stunned right?