Which international player would you like to see at EVO 2014?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Lounge' started by Blueboyb, May 9, 2014.

By Blueboyb on May 9, 2014 at 3:02 PM
  1. Blueboyb

    Blueboyb [10] Knight

    EVO 2014 is quickly drawing near and thanks to the valiant effort of many of our community members we now have side-tournaments for both Soul Calibur 5 and Soul Calibur 2. Many people are hyped for this tournament, and much like previous EVOs the turnout is expected to be quite large. Thanks to certain community members helping promote EVO 2014, international interest has been quite high.

    @Ringout has generously stepped up and offered to help sponsor an international player for at LEAST a flight to EVO. Me, Ringout, and some other community members recently had a conversation on which international players showed the most interest, and we managed to narrow down the list to four players! Here is Ringout's post regarding the matter copied directly from Facebook:
    Below is a list of SCV achievements and videos for each player to help you decide!

    Put it simply these guys are some of the best. They are all very good at the game and have numerous achievements to back it up. We want YOU to decide which one of these great four international players gets to attend EVO 2014. This poll can only have one winner! Here is a link to the poll http://www.addpoll.com/RINGOUT/poll/225269 Let the voting begin!
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Discussion in 'General Discussion Lounge' started by Blueboyb, May 9, 2014.

    1. Never Relent
    2. mkl
      I really would love to see damn near any Japanese player come over since we haven't seen jack shit from them and they actually really like this game unlike a lot of the others in the series. So, I'd have to vote Decopon.
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    3. Harry
      Decopon ain't comin. Only Japaneses players who will still play us are Itazan and P shin. The rest are scurred! I'm goin lolo since he's de mi raza. If not, I'd like to see Keev.
      Either way all bout dat USA!
    4. Party Wolf
    5. Harry
      Also, how come you didn't mention the Shens? Singaporeans are some hardcore vatos.
    6. Ringout
      Apparently they've dropped the game completely. Otherwise I'd be calling for Shen Yuan to come out here.
    7. Harry
      Really? Why? They were some of the biggest advocates for the game.
    8. Talim JP
      Talim JP
      P_Shen (aka Pad God) is comin but only for SCII.
      Decopon can't come cause he's busy studyin.
      There are other playas, some you haven't heard of and many that can't/don't travel.
      I think a few others are thinkin of comin.
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    9. Harry
      Either way, I looked at the poll. Keev is winning by a landslide. Its not even close. Also, Itazan still plays SF4 right? So he would still go to EVO for that. Last year he did, and entered SCV when he heard we were a having a side tourney.
    10. Talim JP
      Talim JP
      He just plays SC on the side, I don't know much about the SF scene, startin to get into the game (and it) now.
      I think that many people outside don't Japan know about the JP SC playas.
    11. Talim JP
      Talim JP
      Crna ruka is thinkin about comin but says he doesn't need help so you can help another playa with your $.
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    12. Belial
      Crna_Ruka I think is the best player in Japan right now, so if hes coming thats gonna be nice.

      Among other really good JPN players worth chcking out
      Nekoyogi (Xiba)
      Makken (Natsu)
      Wendezday_MIZ (Yoshi)
      Chappy-Nidoking (Yoshi)
      Suggoidaiske (Nightmare)
      Naritaka (Nightmare)
      MENMA (Viola)
      yupipupon (Voldo)
      KT Voldo (Voldo)
      Kei_chan (Mitsu, Ezio)
      MIYABI (Mitsu)
      Crsku (aPat)
      Sawazuma (Maxi)
      Tamonegi (Algol, Mitsu) (theres another superb algol player but I dont remember his name)
      Itazan (Asta)
      Misohiro (Cevry)
      Lanheizer (Hilde)
      RequestKing (Ivy)
      Krizalid (Omega)
      SHK (Omega)
      Hameko (Omega)
      YotaStar (Raph)

      There are much more but these top of my head.
      I'd especially note Makken, Nekoyogim Wendezday, Menma, Upipon, yupipupon, Kei_chan, Crsku, Sawazuma, Tamonegi, Itazam, Misohiro, Lanheizer, Requestking, Kirzalid, Hameko - They all, I think, have at least once made finals in JPN tournaments
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    13. Talim JP
      Talim JP
      Maybe the other good Algol is Hatogin?

      Wow, you know allota namez!

      oosaka (Maxi), SK (Asta), Duskonaka (Natsu) and sousuhi (Cass) are still playin SCV and may deserve a place on your list.

      Crsk is Tekkito (Crma's (Kilomilli) friend).
    14. Wingman
      It would be cool to see Decopon come back and defend his 2012 crown. But any of these guys would be a pleasure to watch at Evo.
    15. megadude234
      i whant to see RTD and KDZ now thats i would see
    16. Infernum
    17. DmanXIIX
      out of curiousity is there match footage of these players? I cant find any on youtube.
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    18. Belial
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    19. Belial

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