Which modes should come back in Soul Calibur VI?


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I'm surprised there wasn't a topic with this yet. Modes are the main part of Single Player content, yet people aren't talking about them too much. However, lets leave obvious things like Arcade Mode, Story Mode and Create A Soul out of our wishlists, because we already know these are included. We can discuss them though (except Create A Soul, because there is already a thread for it) and how we want them to be, but not what will happen in the story, just the structure of the mode in the game.

The modes I'd include would be the following:

  • Chronicles of the Swords - For me, this mode was probably the pinnacle of good ideas for modes in the Soul series, and one of the best in any fighting games. Add a little bit of strategy and a level system, a decent story (which happens to be separated from the actual canon, nonetheless) and include the player and his created character as the main protagonist. I still cannot believe they never tried to replicate this in any way, and its truly a shame, because the only thing that held this one back last time was the infamous data corrupting bug. In SC6, this mode could easily return with the same story, but better cutscenes and more details to the story itself.
  • Quick Match - This is a simple, but really good mode, but could be handled better. Its a good thing to have characters created by players, but it would be better if they made a CaS on internet (before the game gets released) and hold a contest in which the most voted creations got added to the game. So more people would enter and be able to vote. Also, include some minor canon characters (like they did in SCBD, adding characters like Salia, Edgardo, Miser, Arthur and others), that would end up unlockable as Bonus Characters would also be really cool too.
Now, regarding the way they could handle the story, I'd really love if they made secret chapters that would require you to complete some chapters in specific ways to unlock them. Clearing those secrets would unlock stuff, maybe even having them all unlock a secret ending, or even a true canon ending. Adds a little more depth and a little more complexity to the story other than just "fight [insert character name here] and see cutscenes". Arcade should also get its character specific non-canon endings as well, its good to have some what-ifs here and there.


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Let's see. I think the online side doesn't really need more modes, so just improve what we already have.
What I'd like to see for offline modes:
  • A classic story mode like Tales of souls with a story for every character with multiple path choices and endings.
  • Maybe a weapon master mode. That would just be glorious.
  • Arcade/Time Atttack (SCIV's and SCV's arcade were a time attack mode anyway)
  • Legendary Souls would be cool to see again, and if they did special costumes for characters in Legendary Souls, perhaps make the costumes unlockable by beating the character?
  • Quick Match for obtaining some of the titles (having to unlock some through the story, online modes, milestones, etc.)
  • Team battle would be kinda cool
  • VS, VS Team battle, and special VS, if we're gonna have weapon effects again (doubt it)
  • Something like COTS would be cool but I don't see it happening.
  • Perhaps some training-like challenges or missions like in SCIII.
  • A tournament mode like in SCIII, and a VS version of it, would be awesome to play a party "tournament" with friends.

Not gameplay related, but I'd love to see these:
  • Art gallery, movie gallery
  • Soundtrack player and selector, like in SCV
  • Character profiles and stage cameras (seriously, some of the stages in SC look so good I'd just love to have them "playing in background")
  • Behind the scenes/making of, as unlockable bonuses or collector's edition video again, even though I don't have the SCV collector's edition (yet) and haven't seen it.
I could think of more stuff but some of this is pretty unlikely anyway. And I don't think they'll stuff it full of modes like SCIII again.


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Chronicles of the Sword and/or Quick Battle would also be my biggest two, but a thing I would love to see that I'm surprised hasn't been included so far is the unlocking of custom character templates once you've defeated them in various modes and have all the prerequisite materials. Maybe attached to titles to use Quick Battle as an example. They don't have to take up roster space or be bonus characters or anything like that, just extra choices for the template menu in customization.

Team Battle making a return would also be nice, bonus points added if the tagging mechanic from SoulCalibur IV makes a return. The worst part about Team Battle is having to throw away a character to move on to another character. You could do 8v8 but defeat all of the other team with your first character and that's far less exciting. Still have a defeated character start a new round instead of just running in like in SoulCalibur IV to prevent chain ring outs, as that was the weakest part of the tagging mechanic, but otherwise this would be incredibly fun.

Return of some sort of survival mode would also be good. It was notably missing from SoulCalibur V and it was a bit weird.


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Chronicles of the Sword and Soul Arena should come back. Those two modes alone made SoulCalibur 3 my favorite of the series.


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I don't know about you guys but I'm definitely worried about the single player being shallow in SC6. Other than Mortal Kombat 9 I can't think of any other recent fighting games that put any major effort into the offline modes. If we only get a longer version of SC5's story mode it's going to be a major disappointment.


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I would really like a ghost battle mode like T*kk*n has. Not treasure battle, that mode is garbage.
And Legendary Souls would be interesting to have again.


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Something like CotS is really the only thing I'm hoping for. Maybe not exactly like it, but similar in terms of it being a story-driven mode in which the main character is one you created. I'd just really like something for created characters to do beyond just being....there? Seeing them in cutscenes and whatnot would be fantastic.


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Chronicles of the Sword mode
Weapon Master mode
Team Battle
Survival mode
Tales of Souls mode

That's all I got...


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Bring back:
Weapon Master - Just make this the story mode of the game. When stepping off the canon story path there are difficult challenges to overcome.
Team Battle - Up to 7 characters on each team, elimination rules, handicaps allowed (i.e. 3 vs. 7)
Survival - Two types, infinite and full roster. Infinite for score ranking, full roster for rewards

New modes:
Tag Battle - You know, like what was in Lost Swords, but hopefully with a bit more balancing.
Conquest (online) - Send an created AI soldier online to fight other AIs. Can either choose opponents to battle every hour or let the mode sim them. Ranked by number of victories and then reset weekly.
Champion Conquest (online) - Just like Conquest, except happens monthly and only those who rank in Conquest are allowed to participate.
Soul Mode - used for Conquest, where you train your character AI, teach it combos and movement patterns and such.


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A Chronicles of the Swords mode but much more expanded, would work more like a Risk game that you could use your custom characters to take over land from NPC premade custom character.
Artifacts could be found to boost your custom heroes.


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If I'm being realistic....

  • Tale of Souls: This should be their story mode. It might be more linear like Soul Blade's Edge Master mode, but text and 2 to 4 cutscenes, like Tekken 5, is all they really need. Nothing that keeps the data space from being too large.
  • Arcade Mode: Traditional game mode. Time Attack included.
  • Quick Battle Mode: If they bring back Creations, bring back this mode from SCV to put them to good use.
  • Team Battle Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Tutorial/Practice Mode: Both offline and online.
What I would like to see....
  • SCIII's version of Tale of Souls instead. Less linear. Has multiple paths and endings.
  • SCII's Weapon Master Mode
  • Gallery and Encyclopedia mode, better explaining the series.


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Definitely a selectable Team battle mode in some way or another.
A return of a Tales Of Souls storymode, even if done differently, something with non-linear mechanics in the travel.
An offline/online Tournament Mode like in SC3.

And most definitely Chronicle Of The Sword. I don't know how likely it is, but it is the mode that gave the game that medieval adventure feel that SC always emphasized having but never really gave the player until both Tales of Souls and Chronicle Of The Sword was introduced. If it was considered to return I wouldn't mind it focusing on the main cast more so with your CAS characters able to play within it with them as a follower in some way. Just some sort of extension of Single Player mode is what we've been missing for years.
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Arcade - Complete with a story ending for the individual character.
Story Mode - The usual story mode but not linear this time around.
Create a Soul - Most definitely one of the best features of any Soul game.
Survival - A fan favourite.
- Tutorials per character
- Trials per character
- Online training
- Endless Battle
Tag Battle
Quick Battle
SC3's little strategy game with custom characters playable, not linear.