Which of the "New" Characters from V Would You Like to Return?

Which Characters from Soul Calibur V would you like to see return? (Select up to 2)

  • Patroklos

    Votes: 22 15.6%
  • Pyrrha

    Votes: 14 9.9%
  • Natsu

    Votes: 19 13.5%
  • ZWEI

    Votes: 55 39.0%
  • Leixia

    Votes: 4 2.8%
  • Viola

    Votes: 64 45.4%
  • Xiba

    Votes: 8 5.7%
  • None

    Votes: 30 21.3%

  • Total voters


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With the announcement of SoulCalibur 6 being a soft reboot back to SoulCalibur 1, I was curious if there were any characters others hoped would return from the new cast (because of their playstyle/personality/design). While a reboot does lower the chances of any of the characters from returning, it is still possible if the game is a retelling of all the games/history stretched/time travel/etc. In short, this is a poll and discussion covering the inclusion/exclusion of the new characters presented in Soul Calibur 5 into the upcoming sequel.

I have limited polling to your top 2 picks so that people have to make a choice of who to include and cut. I have also included a "None" category for those who want none of them to return.

Note: Dampierre and Aeon were excluded because they have been in prior games. Ezio was excluded since he was a guest. Elysium was excluded because she was a mimic and technically Sophitia, who has now been confirmed to be in 6. Alpha and Omega variants are excluded because they are included in the list already under their original names.


Fu-ma's Shadow
Correction: Elysium was NOT Sophitia. She's the living incarnation of Soul Calibur who took the form of Sophitia to manipulate Patroklos.


[10] Knight
Correction: Elysium was NOT Sophitia. She's the living incarnation of Soul Calibur who took the form of Sophitia to manipulate Patroklos.
Well, I did emphasize "technically" since she had her appearance and that appearance is now reserved in 6. By the way, you should vote to kick things off :P


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Hard to vote against Viola / Zwei because of their unique movesets (obviously where they fall on the extremes of the tier ladder bothers me, but why dwell on the past).

Patroklos would be immediately below.


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Has Sophita/Cassas younger brothers age ever been mentioned in the lore? Maybe if Lucius is old enough he could have Patroklos moveset. Maybe even their dad Nike.


[10] Knight
Picking two doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
Allowing people to pick as many as they want doesn't put a heavy emphasis on any single one. Plus, if you wanted to pick a pair (siblings), it allows you. I basically gave everyone 1 extra vote since they would be torn between two favorites.


[12] Conqueror
Pyrrha, because she's cute, and she'd be a perfectly fine character if they didn't overexaggerate her "Sorry!" personality so much, although I don't feel like she's likely to return.

Z.W.E.I., because I feel like out of all SCV characters, he actually had the most interesting design, but didn't really get much praise. I think it'd be really cool if he returned.


A Soul in the Purgatory
Patroklos was actually a refreshing take on sword and shield style, and regular (not aPat) version's character was refreshingly psychotic kind of tragic hero. I also thought he was a really honest character - he committed to most of his shit, and didn't have any real nonsense (besides the A+B glitch).

ZWEI was also an interesting, if nonetheless poor attempt at creating a unique character. The whole stand gimmick was really cool, and he actually had some absurd damage. The problem was that they were off of ridiculous setups that you'd get maybe once every other match, and the rest of the time you were trying to contend with his crappy, stubby, unsafe moves. I'd like to see another attempt done with him that would end up not having him be in the garbage bin.

With that said, neither of these characters should even be born yet storyline-wise, so barring Astral Chaos nonsense (or Scamco Badgai DLC) I don't think we'll be seeing them.


[10] Knight
ZWEI and Viola because they had the most interesting fighting styles and have great potential for unique stories. This is essenentially going to be a remake of Soul Edge and the game is about "hidden truths", so I wonder if we'll learn anything about the veterans like Sophitia, Taki, or Mitsurugi that we didn't before.
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[06] Combatant
Viola and ZWEI because unique fighting styles. I hope they balance both for SC6 if they're in too, one for not being op af (viola) and the other for not being garbage (zwei).


[14] Master
ZWEI and Viola, due to being cheated out of a supposedly important (and otherwise nonexistent) backstory, as well as being the only ones that weren't clones or replacements.