White Privilege

Does White Privilege Exist?

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haha so weird seeing news guys talking shit though. Most English news people are not allowed to have opinions on stuff. Other than the odd calling rebels freedom fighters and vice versa. Its like Fox News has a WWE style writing where you have one guy being a dick because that's his character.


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I believe white privilege exists. I also believe it is only one component of the bigger issue - an issue fueled by money, power, culture, and peppered with stupid, myopic statements from all sides.

Also, jazz is pretty great. Even white people play it.

That is all I care to partake of this "big boy discussion".


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Does white privilege exist? Absolutely. Just like how male privilege exists, or privileges that are afforded to you because you make a lot of money, play on a football team, hold a political office, based on who your parents were or which religion you practice, etc. The minute you afford special rights or advantages to one group of people over another, you create a privilege.

White privilege is the buzzword now because some white people want to deny that racism or privileges still exist, as if the deep-seeded issues in this country have magically disappeared somehow, or because they haven't directly benefited because of the color of their skin even though their ancestors may have or don't realize that they don't have to worry about police killing them if they get pulled over or can walk into a store without having people assume that they are going to rob it, or being denied a job interview based on who they are, or say dumb shit like white privilege doesn't exist in China when every area has their own socioeconomic issues to deal with.

Maybe the world would be a better place if there were less CaptainHooks in the world.


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You speak as if I've never heard of a smart black guy. Of course they're our there, but I was referring to averages. I love listening to Neil Degrasse Tyson for example.

Jazz and blues is not really my cup of tea. I could make an argument for why that music is stupid, but I won't go there.

Also, "learn a little about US history". You forget I'm older than you bra. I went to school and took college history classes just as you did.

Basically the point of what I was saying in a nutshell was that enslaving any race leads to their downfall, and may take dozens of generations for that race to climb up the social ladder.
Going to school and learning are two different things. Being old and wise are also two completely different things. You show plenty of ignorance in this thread, therefore you probably need to read your history again.

As for arguing that Jazz is stupid, feel free to try. Like for example, a four chord progression in Classical would use 4 notes from the same scale. But since Jazz modulates which allows more notes, a 4 chord progression could be 4 different scales. Allowing for notes to be played is important since a lot of Jazz is based on soloing. The more notes to play with, the more freedom the musician has to express himself. But in doing so, Jazz is overly complex and a little unintuitive to play.


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That being said, affirmative action needs to be canned. A black person with a lower GPA can be accepted into an elite school than what a white person is required to have. This is unfair for both parties. Hard working white's get denied, slacking blacks get accepted and leaves the black person with a 2.5 GPA pretty unprepared for not only the better college, but also in the real job world.
So blacks who may get a lower gpa than some white person, means that all those blacks are slackers. Your argument is so compelling and not prejudice at all. /sarcasm

Affirmative action is an equity system, not equality. Looking at the macro scale, whites don't face the same social and/or economic obstacles that minorities face. For example government census data of income, show a huge disparity between whites and blacks. Affirmative action is way to create an even playing field for minorities.

The main purpose of affirmative action is to provide better opportunities for minorities to generate wealth. People have a higher probability of gaining more wealth by completing post secondary education.

With higher wealth in a community there is a domino effect of other things changing to the benefit of the community like culture, attitudes, politician being more representative of a community, laws, etc.

What about black privilege? Black people have the privilege to use the "N" word to their hearts content!
Do you think you're witty, trashcan?. Thinking its hypocrisy using this false equivalency of "black privilege", makes you sound like an idiot shouting reverse racism. Trashmatic, you're to stupid too comment on a topic like this. Please go back to dump yard.


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I'm studying an English liberal studies course called Gaming and Gender: The Digital Divide.

I thought I may wanna share with you, two articles in regards to the topic thread at hand:
John's article expresses white male privilege metaphorically as a video game where being the white male is the easiest difficulty setting.

Lisa's article compliments on John's article and further elaborates how it comes to play in real life.