Why do we dislike certain characters? (Gameplay only)


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I wanted to start this thread because I wanted to see which characters in general are disliked and by whom. This thread is about gameplay perspective only, and has nothing to do with character personalities. Also, this thread is not a tier discussion, It is simply who you hate and why. It could be for any reason as long as it has to do with gameplay in some way.

If you're just going to come in here with a douchy attitude and say stuff like "you're a scrub for having your opinions", please, I don't give a shit, I don't care, go away. You can disagree without being a douche. No flame wars, mmkay?

So, here we go..

1) Phyhha Omega. The reason I despise this character is because I feel that her entire moveset is revolved around stabs. Either DNS or NS B. Her stabs are her go-to punisher, her go-to combo filler, etc. Plus, this move has a shit ton of range and realigns with the 236 stance. Also, good players who use Omega typically only use a handful of moves, while leaving the majority of her move set untouched. IMO this is bad moveset design.

2)A-Pat. Similar to Omega, I feel like his entire moveset is revolved around twister. Twister is his go-to punisher, go-to combo filler, JF version hits OTG, it TC's and TJ's, etc. Same thing with Omega, he only needs a fraction of his moveset. I can only see this as a not-very-well-thought-out design.

3) Cervantes. This seems to be a repeated theme. I feel like he revolves too heavily on IGDR. His go-to everything, so to speak. Same thing as above, I see many players only using a few moves.

4) Viola. She defies common sense in this game. She can attack you almost nonstop with +frames on her side for days and days. Her juggling is like that of Tekken, and the sheer amount of damage she gets from simple stuff is stupid. What the hell were they thinking with her? Back grab infinite? TOD combos for days?

That's all for me. I like the rest of the cast. I put this in the casual forum because it's not meant to be taken seriously, just casual discussion.


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ZWEI: I tried to like his move-set but it's so linear and easily side-stepped. I hate the fact to actually be good with him you have to create alot of pressure and his gameplay kinda makes it seem like you have to think about what your going to do next. I also hate he has no real good punishers.

Maxi: I tried learning him, but he is very complicated to play with. It's so simple for me to lose control with him, I hate it!
The good thing is no one knows the damn match-up so I can easily kill people with him..( well certain people) lol

Aeon: He has a horrible move-set. That is all.


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Hmm moveset wise?

Astaroth (sorry that I murdered his name)- His moves are too slow and I don't like movesets that revolve around grappling

Alpha Pat- Just frames...I suck at doing just frames. I pulled off a just frame once and that was with Xiba...in training mode. Do you really think I could handle a character that prioritizes the use of just frames?

Pyrrha- I cannot use this chick. I don't know why either. People say she's easy to use. She's a good start for beginners. I just don't see it. It flies over my head lol.

Siegfried- With the constant stance switching his moveset feels more tedious then it needs to be.

That's about it. Everyone else is a mixed bag. There are some that I didn't even touch yet (looks at Voldo and Aeon)


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Viola: She's just not good enough for me. I have to bust my ass manipulating the attack flow of the orb in order to fight.
Horizontal attacks, Marvelous 3A is a good tool, plus its a fast tech crouch attack? oh hell yes. as well as 4A from a distance.
Vertical's are troublesome for me, I try and avoid them.
The only thing I'm extremely concerned about is the likely hood of the game screwing me over with her glitchy orb. (free hit on me by the way)
- And juggle combos... I'd rather have stun combos than just having my opponent be in the air for like 20 seconds.
(also BT (orb)44aBE 3B AAB 2A+B 2B+K.BE 6B+K B B+K.BE 66B 66A+BB)

Its kind of funny. When she was first announced everyone loved her, cause she was so detailed and looked amazing as a character, now everyone is tired of her attacks. Hell there's even an Anti-Viola Guide... well I guess I can be a hypocrite (looks at avatar)
Easy to love, Easy to hate. That's with any character. lol.


I don't know.
I think most of what I dislike about characters in terms of gameplay is based on ignorance of them. No doubt I'd enjoy them more if I understood them better, but meh.

Aeon: He just feels too slow for the damage he does. Granted his movement is great, his RO ability is peerless, and he has decent guard pressure, but it often feels to me like I can't attack without being counterhit. "So learn Aeon then, Wandrian!" How about this: nope >:D

Alpha Patroklos: Love the style, hate having to think about my inputs. I want my inputs to be braindead easy so I don't have to worry about a combo or punishment actually succeeding. Pressed buttons? Good stuff should happen, dammit!

Astaroth: He makes Nightmare look fast :C

Cervantes: Can't really put my finger on why but I just dislike his moveset.

Devil Jin: It's kinda cool to be the one guy kicking ass without weapons, but it feels out of place still.

Maxi: 100% of the reaon I dislike him is character ignorance. If I understood him, really I imagine I'd like him quite a bit since he can keep on attacking(if only against people who don't know him; still fun idea).

Viola: I just don't like how her moveset looks. It looks very weak, like none of her attacks should really be hurting much at all. The orb glitches are also incredibly stupid. Oh, and I hate how she has such pitiful range.

Zwei: Ein is just stupid. If I understand Zwei well, I'd still think so.


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Easy to love, Easy to hate. That's with any character. lol.
Now that is true.

Pyrrha: I love her and some of her animations, but fighting as her gets pretty dull sometimes. I know she's a punishment type character but damn. I get bored of stabbing. I think Omega is funner...but intense fights with a good player make vanilla Pyrrha fun to play with~:sc5pyr1:

Viola: At first I found her to be cool and really awesome but then I found her to be the dullest to play with. Sure she looks graceful when she attacks but most of her high damage comes from her BORING juggle combos involving 6BK, 2BK BE, and 44A BE. That is basically the whole match...maybe a random grab here and there :/~:sc5vio1:

Misturugi: I have no idea why some people fangasm over him. He's a boring character to me. Okay, I guess some people love the idea of a man that is "unbeatable" but what else is there to him? I hope in Soul Calibur 6 he has some sort of conflict besides Arugol~ :sc2mit2:


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1i gotta say i totally disagree with you on cervantes, while the igdr is crucial for the continuation of combos the move is very punishable and will also ring you out if you miss and do it near the edge so thats it for me, my cuestion is why isnt VIOLA #1 on the list shes pretty much a broken character, that said ill go ahead and list some of the moves that piss me off

#1 mitsus 2kb is too good and it pisses me off how pretty much whenever i lose to a mitsu is because of that move its unseable and unreadable, fuck that move perfect round ender

#2 mitsus 4B that move,that thing will track till the very end, not only that, it really dodges almost everything, and what pisses me off is why cant my cervantes 44B(similar move) be equally as good? just bullshit

#3 violas safe shoryuken with ball tracking -_- enough said

#4 pyrrahs's 1k another unseable low not much damage but it really irritate you cuz it makes her low/high mixup game too good

#5 natsus 2A+B on wake up enough said

#6 Ivy's side step while ducking atack move -_- enough said

#7 xibas AAK i can never seem to punish it while ducking i guess i just need to work on it but it makes me mad cuz good damage and kills steping

#8 lexias WR side step atack

#9 cervantes 22b or 88b what the hell where they thinking this move sucks NO cervantes player uses it, why cant be be a simple vertical slash?

#10 ALL of maxi's moves

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Mitsurugi: I resolved to learn him, mostly so that I could fight more effectively against him, and quickly lost interest in that project. He is just too boring to play, crazily powerful though he may be.

Viola: It's hard not to lose all interest in the match and just say "yeah, sure, whatever..." when you get stunned, juggled, or both for the rest of the round each time you make one little mistake.


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At the moment....

Mitsu. I feel like if I mess up it's all over.

Cervy. Same here.

Pyrrha. Same here. Terrified.

Natsu. Let's just say I'd hate to be near her.

Pat. Even if I did learn Pat MU, I still fear him for some reason.

Omega. When she screams and attacks I suddenly lose focus.

Everyone else I feel like if I learn the MU, I won't hate them as much. I would put Viola on the hate list, but I'm getting comfortable in that MU. Certain scrubs are predictable with her. Once I fight a really good one though, I may have to put her up there. Until then, I treat her like Hilde of SCIV.


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Raphael: Hate his new moveset. They removed moves like his old 44B and VE stance (and substituted in a gimpy B+K evade) so he feels horribly boring to play with. And that 'Amy!!!!' scream during his 236B... (>P_P)

Viola: Viola... forgive me. But I hate your air juggles and your 6B+K!

Siegfried: I just need to work on the MU. But for now, I don't know what to do while he's spinning around me lol.

Zwei: Those derp moments where I'm reminded that Ein needs to cool down in Astral Chaos and won't come out.


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Natsu: Because nothing is more discouraging than being forced to eat chip bomb damage OTG, because standing up is suicide.

66B is too good.

Oh and her bomb-to-air-grab combo is just bonkers. Too much damage.

Algol: Everyone has "supers" (CE), but he has a "SuperDuper!!" which deals about 2/3 life.

Raphael: Simply for being one of the worst, if not THE worst character in the game. They screwed up with his moveset, period.

Voldo: Because his moves are very homosexual. We all know there are gay people out there and I'm cool with it, I don't need it shoved in my face with pelvic thrust moves and a codpiece. That shit's gettin' pretty close to gay porn if you ask me.

These don't really belong in my full-blown hate folder, but rather the minor annoyances group.


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Mitsurugi: I resolved to learn him, mostly so that I could fight more effectively against him, and quickly lost interest in that project. He is just too boring to play, crazily powerful though he may be.
I tried to do the same thing, and pretty much had the same conclusion you had: BORING. He may not be overpowered, but when it comes to vertical tracking alone, he's beyond ridiculous. 4B is broken.


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Voldo/Maxi/Viola: All for the same reason: I can't predict their actions at all. It's just a pain.
ZWEI: I want to learn him, but he just doesn't feel good in this game. It's like you spend too much to get too littlein return.
Mitsurugi: He's the exact opposite of ZWEI. You get so much back for so little input. He has a BE to somewhat protect his launcher, he has 4B, he has 2KB/BE, and most of his moves feel too safe.
Pyrrha: I play her well enough, but her squeals of terror on every stab move is enough to make me not want to use them. Omega doesn't have that issue.
aPat: I would totally use him if 80% of his moveset (give or take) didn't require those F**KING JUST FRAMES!!!!!!


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Viola for pretty much the reasons described above.

Zwei because even though everyone says he's low tier, I can't seem to get in and interrupt him once he gets his rhythm going.


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To be quite honest, I have no real reason why I dislike a certain character. It used to be because i thought the move sets were too "complex" but I occasionally use Viola, Voldo, and Hilde, so that's not true anymore.

But at the moment, the main characters i don't enjoy very much are: Maxi, A. Pat, and Ivy.

Not because I hate them but because I can't get into the "swing of things" with these characters in particular. Plus, ATM I feel too lazy too learn them lol. But I respect the people that took time to use them. I can't to be honest.