Win a SOULCALIBUR VI Collector's Edition! (for XB1)

Man, Qanba USA really loves you guys! For the third month in a row now, they have been supplying us with arcade sticks and goodies to show their support for the SOULCALIBUR community.

This time, they have given us three, yes three, collector's editions for SC6 for the Xbox One. Yes, I'm sure by now, all you already have your copies of SC6 and have been playing furiously since October. However, that doesn't mean you managed to get your hands on a collector's edition, with it's beautiful Sophitia statue. Last month's contest was a test of skill (congratulations to @IvantheTerrible for his win); but this month's contest will be a test of creativity!

What do we want to see? It's simple, Show us your best create-a-soul characters. You can include them in the comments as screenshots or videos on youtube. At the end of the month, the moderation team here at 8WAYRUN will review all the entries and pick out our top 3 favorites!


Like the previous contest, prizes are available for US/Canada residents only.

We were not paid or endorsed in any way by Qanba for this post. However, the collector's editions given out in this contest was supplied directly from Qanba USA. You can always purchase these arcade sticks at any time directly from Qanba.

Qanba USA has also provided us with a discount coupon code when shopping at Using the code 8WAYRUN2018, you can save 10% all orders!
Jason Axelrod


If I get in the top 3, I'd like to transfer the prizes to Vilarcane (if possible :P). Assuming that Mods/Hacks are NOT permitted.



Abyss Watcher

Yakuza Taki
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The fine print says the prizes will be sent to US/Can residents only, so I don't suppose any other regions aren't applicable, unless otherwise noted by Jaxel.

Either ways...Wishing Toypop got some love. And yeah, gonna drop my entry here before the contest time runs out. Happy Holidays everyone!

Hi again, made a short HD vid for my T800s, because there are things like Arnie's voice and robotic sound effects which add to the Terminator vibe :) Enjoy !