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Discussion in 'Yoshimitsu' started by neorussell, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. JT_the_Ninja

    JT_the_Ninja [09] Warrior

    Anyone got an idea as to why they changed 8A+K to 8A? That leaves him without a regular jumping A attack...[]
  2. HajimeOwari

    HajimeOwari [11] Champion

    Man. A lot of whining in this thread. We have no choice but to embrace the new Yoshi or pick a new character. Just to name a few examples of good changes...

    - 4KB appears mostly safe. Furthermore, the B forces crouch on block and does a slide knockdown on CH. This means you can CH 4KB near the wall without a wall hit and get a DNK in. 1B itself has different frames, btw.

    - 3B is a hell of a lot safer (as mentioned earlier in this thread).

    - MED A and MED K are pretty strong. Throughout all of the SCs, MED A and MED K have been mediocre moves at best. Try them from a distance. You'll see what I mean. NFK tipped me off to this one.

    - MED B is a lot faster. It appears to slightly track.

    Sure, I miss the old, deep, complex Yoshi, too. But, that's SCIV. Time to move on.
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  3. neorussell

    neorussell [10] Knight

    We will still use Yoshimitsu as most of us mentioned.
    We are just voicing opinion on his changes.

    I'm sorry about starting this rant. I just got so mad when I went through his movelist in SCV for the first time and felt like my hero just died. That was always the best part of playing new SC game for me but was so disappointed with what I saw.

    I love Yoshimitsu and will still use him regardless of these changes.

    --here's how I felt--
    It's like watching Indiana Jones 1 and then Indiana Jones 4.
    We all know that Indi got raped and we feel really bad about it.

    All in all, I am sucking it up and just looking forward to the future of this Yoshimitsu.
    I can't do anything to make his moves better but I can do everything on my end to make him the best.

    You can close this thread.
    We pretty much established that Yoshimitsu is a straight forward character now.
    Hope to see awesome gameplay from other players.

  4. JT_the_Ninja

    JT_the_Ninja [09] Warrior

    I didn't stop playing Yoshi through T4 and T5....I'll survive this...Yoshi forever.

    ...still would like to have reflection stance back though....[]
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  5. Dragonfall

    Dragonfall [10] Knight

    I played against aYoshi for a few games last night. The fuzzy guard is extremely effective against Yoshi's high-low mixups, I find. I was able to punish most lows with B after landing. Maybe my opponent wasn't blocking, I don't know.
  6. JT_the_Ninja

    JT_the_Ninja [09] Warrior

    That fuzzy guard is definitely something I'm going to have to practice...I can imagine it's useful against every character, not just Yoshi. []
  7. Oboro

    Oboro Namunamunamuna...

    The fuzzy guard has to go haha!! Hopefully they do a failry prompt update like they did for 4 and clean that up.
  8. Dragonfall

    Dragonfall [10] Knight

    Or keep the fuzzy guard but give it a disadvantage of some kind.
  9. PeJ

    PeJ [08] Mercenary

    neorussel :
    I share with you this disappointment;
    Seems Namco considers SC4 Yoshi very tough in SC4.

    What elese :
    Yoshi lost 4 stance

    4B+K and 6B+K + follow ups
    I always use the 3B+K:B but gone :(
    Super dragon fly B+K = no unblockable now ...

    a:B+K : you already say it but now this move is very hard to pull (right timing + tight windows)
    6K2K : gone
    what else

    iMCF is quite useless because no good combo behind.
    CE ... certainly the wordt because no way to pull it after a launcher
    BE ... I only use 3AbA+B+K ...

    Kamikaze 3_9A+B : gone to :(

    So lots of usefull move gone ...

    And now ... This Yoshi is worst than SC4 and Tekken 6 to ...
  10. HajimeOwari

    HajimeOwari [11] Champion

    Title of this thread has been changed. Complain away about changes, but only in this thread. Let's keep the remaining threads productive, please.
  11. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    A+K is actually really useful if you're not just spamming it in anticipation. Natsu's 6A+B gets stuffed by it quite a bit and that's a god send for online. It's even more powerful now that GIs cost meter. I think he's just as complex with all of his new tricks with meter.
  12. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    BT 2K doesn't knockdown anymore to combo into SCIV Yoshi's 66B, but oh well. Pocky Yoshi will learn Yoshi again. Na-mu.....

    He seems a bit more tougher to use, but let us Yoshi mainers hope and prove that he can still hang with the best.
  13. HajimeOwari

    HajimeOwari [11] Champion

    Let's talk A+K.

    A+K can actually hit the opponent at point blank range. On the other hand, it seems to come out slightly slower than its previous version. If you need meter, A+K might be the way to go. It's no SC2 A+K, though.
  14. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    MED A+B is really bizarre. Yoshi flies into a huge dive bombing unblockable after he GIs (verticals that are mid/low?) that ends up hurting you. It takes down a bunch but I've whiffed with the UB once with it online. I haven't tested how you can get out of it but it looks like it isn't really that great aside from the nice GI feature. I never used it in IV so I'm not actually sure of any differences.

    A+K has a few uses like that Natsu 6A+B stuffer. And if you do get a GI you get a few better Tekken moves (even if they're completely random). I really don't have an opinion on it yet since I haven't found a way to work it in aside from stuffing certain tactics if they're run up options.

    I don't think anyone's BT 2K knocks down anymore. I'm still getting used to it myself.
  15. Gabedamien

    Gabedamien I Want To Be Happy

    IND A+B is actually super nice. It aGIs most verticals I’ve seen. Hit K on landing to do a recovery backflip, and K or :K after that to land the backflip without hurting yourself. The :K version also puts you into Bliss aGI stance briefly. What I don’t get is the damage output; sometimes it does huge damage, other times it seems to be less. Maybe it’s based on the strength of whatever hit you, or the distance to the opponent, or something.
  16. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    Yeah it aGIs high verts too. Nice. I had no idea about the K, I hadn't run through his stance options before I used it. That will make it a much more appealing option against Raphael players.
  17. MysticBoudha

    MysticBoudha [10] Knight

    Fuzzy guard is stupid as fuck seriously. I really hope they remove it man.
  18. JT_the_Ninja

    JT_the_Ninja [09] Warrior

    Well that's good to know. I've started using a lot more stance mixups. I wasn't using IND as much before since healing changed from neutral to 2(B+K), but I'll definitely have to practice throwing the auto-GI in there, since most everyone's first reaction to IND stance is a downward vertical. My main sparring partner [ab]uses Raphael's fast low poke...theoretically that would be caught then. []
  19. HajimeOwari

    HajimeOwari [11] Champion

    We use the acronym MED (Meditation) for the indian stance. It's an acronym carried over from SCIV on this site.
  20. JT_the_Ninja

    JT_the_Ninja [09] Warrior

    I've gone back and forth, from Tekken to SC...so to me, MED is what used to be Reflection stance...at least I won't have to worry about Intimidation/Kincho terminology confusion...[]
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