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I want to now what made you pick the main you did in the various main line Soul Calibur games; was it just going thru the roster till you found a play style you liked, did you look up tier lists and choose the strongest character, did you pick them because you liked how they looked/acted et cetera. Also did you change up mains in the different Soul Calibur games (I'm guessing a majority of players changed mains for SC5). So here's my list of mains

Soul Blade/Edge- Didn't play

Soul Calibur - Didn't play

Soul Calibur 2- Talim was jumping between the characters then picked Talim and liked her play style so stuck with her.

Soul Calibur 3- Didn't play didn't have a Ps2

Soul Calibur 4- Talim even though they changed her play style by this point I also liked her personality so I kept with her

Soul Calibur 5- Natsu (all though I would barely count her since I only played SC5 for around 3 months and barely played within those 3 months before dropping SC5)


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I don't really know if it would be proper to say I have a main, in all honesty. I do have characters that I use more than other characters but I make it a point to get at least a basic competency level with the whole roster and I play a little bit of everyone and improve across the board the longer I play. Using the same character or style all the time just gets tedious to me, and I have more fun cycling. But if we're going by "character I used the most":
  • SoulBlade - Seong Mi-na, I just liked her the best character-wise, no real other reason
  • SoulCalibur - Hwang, though you could also say Xianghua, I used Hwang a bit more often because I enjoyed his throws and kicks
  • SoulCalibur II - Talim, I really enjoyed her style and it helps that she's just cute as a button, also WIND!
  • SoulCalibur III - Seong Mi-na, I was happy to see her finally distance herself from Kilik, had a ton of fun
  • SoulCalibur IV - Amy, since I was always kind of low-key using Raphael as a sub-favorite, but Amy's speed and acrobatics sent her to the top
  • SoulCalibur V - Elysium, I loved the unique critical edge as well as the modified Sophitia-esque moveset, also comfortable with all eight styles


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Sould Edge- Sophitia, I always loved the idea of holy warriors and white mages, Sophie filled that niche
Soul Calibur- Didn't play enough to say I got a main
Soul Calibur II- Cassandra and Sophita, Cassandra felt so strong and fun, her playstyle is more playful that way.
Soul Calibur III- Cassandra, Sophita and Tira, I loved how stupid Tira weapon was
Soul Calibur IV- Ditto
Soul Calibur V- Kind of a ride really, on launch Pat, Pyrrha and Tira, but I got kinda bored of them by the end, so I picked Z.W.E.I and Hilde.


SC1 - didn't play enough to have main.
SC2 - Played when the HD version happened not for too long but was going for Kilik and Spawn on the side.
Sc3 - didn't play.
Sc4 - Zasalamel, so badass but would have played Kilik, Cassandra and Apprentice aswell.
Sc5 - Z.W.E.I. again because he cool. There was a point I was at least having Xiba and Tira as seconds aswell.
Sc6 prediction - Z.W.E.I./Zasalamel/Kilik or a new style.


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Soul Edge - Sophitia: I don't remember why I loved playing her as a kid lol
Soul Calibur 1 - didn't play
Soul Calibur 2 - Cassandra (I instantly loved the character and the way she played), Sophitia, Kilik, and Raphael (after SC2 I didn't enjoy Raph as much)
Soul Calibur 3 - Cassandra, Sophitia, and Kilik
Soul Calibur 4 - Cassandra, Sophitia, and Amy (she felt as fun as Raph was in SC2)
Soul Calibur 5 - Viola: she was very different so I wanted to figure her out
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Soul Blade/Edge- Li Long. (For about a week when my brother lend a PSX, didn't had the game and console.)

Soul Calibur - Didn't play it on its time, when i play it first time in Xbox 360 i enjoyed Sieg the most haha, loved Ivy but after SC2&3 she felt too thin & simple movset wise XD, so i just kept with Sieg haha

Soul Calibur 2- Ivy mostly. (That was my first real SC Game). Enjoyed as well Maxi and Night that i discovered while playing some of team battle, and after downloading and watching many high level matches i ended liking and enjoying most of the cast, mainly Kilik, Voldo, & Raphael and others.

Soul Calibur 3- Ivy, mostly. Little bit of some others

Soul Calibur 4- Ivy, and a little bit of Vader (i liked his Psycho techs, and funfact: i ended watching SW movies because of SC4 lmao). Didn't spent too much time with this game tho.

Soul Calibur 5- Ivy mostly, a bit of Mitsu and Zwei.


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I mained Xianghua in SCII & SCIII be it was best for me learn the game mechanics with her. I also use Nightmare, Kilik, Mitsurugi, & Seung - Mina so people wouldn't make excuses saying I only win with X because Xianghua was the best in SCII & SCIII. One day I decided to use Setsuka in casuals and didn't know any JF combos. Then after that I decided to learn Setsuka. I didn't play vanilla SCIV. I mained Leixia in SCV because she Xianghua's daughter and I can't wait for Xianghua to return in SCVI with Leixia damage because Guard Burst is back.


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SC1 -Mitsurugi, Ivy, Seong Mina- Didn't really like to many of the options i had. Always enjoyed the fantasy Dark knight big sword and magic combo. SC1 didn't give much options i enjoyed.

SC2 - Mitsurugi, Cervantez, Ivy, Seong Mina.Tried branching out a bit, but mostly stayed to what i knew.

Sc3 - Nightmare, Ivy. Siegfried always felt to floaty to me, just could not get the rhythm of the character. SC3 was a breath of fresh air, finally had a main that made sense to my old rush down style.

Sc4 - Nightmare, Ivy.

Sc5 - Nightmare, Ivy.

Sc6 prediction - Hoping Nightmare and Ivy come back. Worried that with the time setting i'll lose my Nightmare once more.


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Soul Blade: Taki & Voldo. I played a loooooot of team battle and my team 99% of the time was Mi-na, Sophitia, Taki, Voldo, and Cervantes.
SC1: Didn't play it much 'cause i didnt own a dreamcast. My only option was arcades back then.
SC2: Taki, Voldo.
SC3: Taki, Voldo.
SC4: Taki, Voldo, Setsuka.
SC5: Voldo, Pyrrha.
SC6 Prediction: Taki, Voldo, Setsuka.


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Soul Edge: Didn't own
Soulcalibur: Didn't own
SCII: Wasn't really at the stage where you could have a "main", but if anyone, it was Kilik (A+B spam)
SCIII: Raphael, Wave Sword
SCIV: Amy, Talim
SCV: Viola, Algol

As for SCVI, perhaps I'll fall into Taki or Raphael, or a new character.
I've always wanted to really focus on Astaroth, and I did try with him in V as well, but I always end up maining the characters on which I feel I don't have to be on the defensive as much, and Astaroth always seemed to have to do so, a lot.


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SE:Taki, Sieg, Mi-na, Hwang, Sophitia

SC1:Taki, Sieg, Ivy, Mitsu,Hwang

SC2:Taki, Nightmare, Ivy, Mitsu, Yoshi

SC3:Taki,Sieg, Ivy, Mitsu, Tira

SC4:Taki, Sieg, Hilde, Ivy, Mitsu

SC5:Sieg, Hilde, Ivy, Mitsu, Viola
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Soul Edge/Blade: Didn't Play

Soulcalibur: Didn't Play

Soulcalibur II: Kilik - I've always loved Bo-staves, probably since seeing Gabrielle in Xena Warrior Princess when I was a kid. After playing Kilik and see how cool his moves looked, I was sold.

Soulcalibur III: Kilik - Carried on from playing him in SCII. Really loved his iteration here. I'm pretty sure I tried to play a lot of other characters but I don't remember any standing out enough to be mentioned.

Soulcalibur IV & BD: Kilik and Amy - One of the things that bothered me about SCIV was the decrease in speed. Kilik no longer felt like a somewhat speedy character and instead felt kinda sluggish, like he swapped his staff for one made of concrete. Still, I loved his style and I was old enough to start understanding how to utilize stances better. I took one look at Amy and knew I had to play her (I can relate to her emo-ness rather well) but then I fell in love with her playstyle. She was fast and acrobatic, two of my favourite traits in beat'em ups and fighting games. She ticked all the right boxes and became my second main and also the first and probably only video game character I ever felt slightly attracted to, lol. I also tried to learn Talim but found her style too difficult, but fun to play.

Soulcalibur V: Xiba - Because he was the only staff user. I also played a little bit of Patroklos. This game double broke my heart because it took away Kilik's style (but still put him in the game, like "here's what you could've won!") and removed Amy, or at least her style. I wanted to like Viola because she had that similar vibe and could've still been Amy if the rumors were to be believed, but I just couldn't get into her style at all. Once again, almost gave me the character I wanted, but didn't. SCV was the work of the devil...

Possible Soulcalibur VI: Kilik -
Assuming that he's in (which is 95% probable in my eyes) I will definitely main him again as the game will be back to the speed we know and love and hopefully his fighting style will be too. Of course if Amy returns she'll become my second (or even first if I can ever be better with her than Kilik) main but I've given up all hope of ever seeing her again to be honest.

It's one of my SCVI resolutions though to force myself to learn a third main, so I'll probably try the full roster and see who I like most. My bet is on Edgelord because he'll have a weapon that could be used similarly to Kilik's.


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Talim was the first character I played and she quickly became my main in SCII. Her calm personality helps me focus a little bit and she’s very quick because she was “THE WIND”. I also played Xianghua because she was the best one for me. I didn’t play SCIII because I didn’t owned it. By SCIV, the game was a lot better in terms of the graphics so continue to use Talim and Xianghua throughout the time until they vanished in SCV, which I was very disappointed. I decided to use Leixia because not only she uses the Chinese sword but she was also the daughter of Xianghua. I find that she was the most cutest I’ve ever played. Weeks after SCVI was announced, this was the game that I will not see her daughter ever again. Xianghua has the most prettiest daughter that Project Soul ever created. I’m very optimistic about Xianghua’s comeback and Talim was the #1 popular character of all time, which was very exciting. I’m gonna miss Leixia because they rebooted the series.


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Soul Blade: Instantly picked Taki, because Ninja, fast and two Swords are better than one. But i barely played it.

Soul Caliburs:

1, 2:
Cervantes(also 2 swords ftw)
and most others at some point, because Team Battle, but the memory is a bit hazy...

Cassandra for shieldslapping folks in the face
and a bit of everybody.

Lizardman(his design was absolutely awesome!)
Seung Mi-Na(i liked her fighting style)
Mitsurugi(Samurai are awesome)
but online competition forced me to focus and narrow down my characters so i mostly ignored the rest of the cast.

Natsu, grudgingly at first but then i really started to like her, not at least because she felt twice as powerful as SC4 Taki...
but mostly Natsu.

Taki, rather probable because reboot
Natsu much less probable because SCV hate
Mitsu(relic is back, YAY!)
hopefully wingless Lizardman, Mina and maybe Cassandra again.

Edit: Funny how i seem to be the only Taki mainer yet who put up with Natsu, but damn was i raging at Taki's replacement...
Now i even like her personality and really hope she returns in some form.
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Soul Blade I played everyone pretty equally. Did a lot of team fights with friends. I did play Siegfried the most in the arcade version, just cause the cursor started on him.

SoulCalibur I played a lot of Edgemaster to get full use of the sample platter again. But in the end I mained Voldo. The only reason I chose Voldo was because he was the lowest picked on our arcade machine. I've stuck with it ever since.


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Well, here goes mines fam:

SE: None, never played it (sadly)
SC1: Siegfried, Nightmare, Mitsurugi, Hwang, Cervantes.

SC2: Nightmare, Raphael, Yun-Seong, Mitsurugi, Cervantes, Assassin, Taki, Sophitia.

SC3: Siegfried, Cervantes, Nightmare, Yun-Seong, Kilik, Mitsurugi, Sophitia, Taki, Hwang, Arthur, Strife.

SC4/BD: Siegfried, Maxi, Sophitia, Xianghua, Astaroth, Nightmare, Taki, Mitsurugi, Cervantes, Yun-Seong, Kilik, Amy, Raphael, Algol, Lizardman, Darth Vader, Starkiller, Kratos, Dampierre.

SC5: Mitsurugi, Astaroth, Siegfried, Nightmare, Patroklos, Z.W.E.I., Leixia, Natsu, Pyrrha (Regular/Omega), Xiba, Dampierre, Cervantes, Maxi, Algol, Devil Jin.

SC6: TBD (Need moar gameplay to decide)

NOTE: Sorry about the amount of people, I really like to main a lot lol.


SCII: Yoshi, because I liked him and didn’t really care to learn.

SCIV: Setsuka, because I figured using the “difficult” character to learn the game would make the process go faster and then I could move on to a character I actually liked (that logic doesn’t really make sense in hindsight and I ended up liking her character and moveset)

SCV: Alpha Patroklos. Then some others later on.


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SCI - Taki

SCII - Nightmare / Taki

SCIII - Valeria / Taki / Setsuka

SCIV - Hilde / Taki / Setsuka / Zasalamel

SCV - Hilde / Natsu / Viola / Alpha Patroklos


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SC1 - Ivy
SC2 - Ivy
SC3 - Ivy / Zasalamel
SC4 - Zasalamel / Voldo
SC5 - Viola

SC6 I would love to come back home to Ivy.