Yun-Seong Vids


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@Belial: Nice one, esspecially against an opponent as annoying as Amy.
Throughout all your Cr K:Gs you shoud throw in a CR 2KK every once in a while though.
And the one time you hit with CR A~CR K:G~CR B (which happens all too seldom, cause CR A is such a slow move) you should end the combo with 4B:K:G. More damage (or at least I believe so) and you end in crane, plus frame advantage if you hit the JF.

And here are some new videos of myself:
2nd Face (Astaroth) vs. Grumpy (Yun-Seong) ftf
2nd Face (Cervantes) vs. Grumpy (Yun-Seong) ftf

2nd Face (Cervantes) vs. Grumpy (Yun) ftf


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1rich: the best you can find is seung cheol
here are some vids
look for more on Idle's channel or on korean channel


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Thanks, that's a huge help. It's so much easier to memorize when you see it in action. We should have something like that for every char.


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Hey guys, i could use a few protips for my Yun. I recently did a ft5and let's just say it didn't goo too well. Any advice would be appreciated.



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Well I'm not a pro, but I would use 6A+B more, especially after connecting with 44B. Does great soul damage and lets Yun keep up with Voldo's CF game. And this guy didn't seem to use GIs much anyway. Throw out quick stuff to get him out of BS... 2B, 1K, 4K... get him out of that stance.


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Jonny: The thing that stuck out to me is that your Yun is kind of stuck in a pattern with big moves. What I mean is you don't seem to use the fundamentals with him and you use A LOT of Crane. Crane is not so good that you should be able to spam it like that. Online may be letting you get away with some things. 6BB is really hard to deal with online. I was able to call when you were going to do 44B sometimes. Be very careful about that. It's tempting to use 44B predictably and as a panic button with characters who have them. Good players will look out for this. You should poke more. Yun has the ability to poke with 6B, 4K, KK, 3B, etc.

RT0wn: 6A+B is the gospel with Yun. HOWEVER, do not default to that after 44B. 44B actually leaves Yun at -2 if they shake fastest so they can actually interrupt him. 44K blocked at tip is pretty good. It's -17 but hard to punish at tip with the pushback. CFs well also. Don't forget that 44K 1K is a combo. You can't get Voldo out of BS unless he blocks an attack. If that's what you referring to then ok. Crane evade doesn't work on BS Voldo so that's a good suggestion.

Also lol @ online shakeable stun combos. Havta get used to seeing those again.


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By fundamentals do you simply mean poking? I totally agree from watching that i don't play the safest yun ,and you're probably right about online letting me get away with things. But since I've started recording myself, I've noticed two glaring flaws in my game. The first is that my playstyle is pretty stationary. By that I mean when I'm not attacking or blocking, I'm stepping forward or waiting. I feel like i should work on footsies but I'm generally not sure how to approach that. The second is, that is that i wasn't really watching my opponent closely enough. Whenever i thought I had advantage, all I ever did was react by throwing out quick moves. So yeah, I probably was pretty predictable.

I appreciate the advice. I'm gonna work on my poke and my step game.


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-Well first thing first you're playing online so the game is vastly differently than offline. Punishing will come with frame data research, so just peruse at your leisure when you feel like it and it will come to you.
-I think that it's safe to say use 8KKK after a successful 236KK (instead of the 66A+B), unless your opponent is very good at just ukemi.
-After successful WR K, 1K2K is best for damage I think (instead of 66K)... may only be on CH, I don't know for sure
-Use 6A+B more. Two-hit mid, crushes in 8.5, is safe on guard, and has impact properties.
-You seem to have Crane down pretty well. Try and use B+K variants to confuse opponents, too.
-Use 3[K] against Asta at close range, especially after a bullrush. This way, you are in Crane, and will either have pushed him back or will have caught him if he tried to use another bullrush.