Zwei Video Thread


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This thread will be for gameplay videos of Zwei upon the game's release, assuming we don't get too much worthwhile content to warrent me just creating a post-launch thread also. Until that point feel free to post whatever pre-release videos of Zwei you find.

When posting multiple videos at a time please take time to spoiler tag so the page isn't overly bulky. Thanks to all that help out.

Zwei vs Natsu
Zwei vs Maxi
Zwei vs Ivy
Zwei vs Hilde
Zwei vs Tira
Zwei vs Mitsu
Zwei vs Raphael, character basic walkthrough
Zwei vs Mitsurugi
Zwei vs Ivy
Zwei vs Lexia

Dev Exhibition Zwei vs Nightmare, very solid gameplay
Dev Exhibition Zwei vs Maxi, 6:10-10:25, again higher level play than we've been seeing.
SCR Zwei vs Voldo(good play, 2nd player costume)
lexia vs Zwei from Paris Game Week
Lexia vs Zwei, Kayane vs "Very Hard" Difficulty. Shows his potential.


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Nice, was looking for a thread like this! ty for making it.

I need to learn this guy in all 360 degree's of his coolness.


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I was hoping to see that Maxi and Zwei fight between the devs again. I was a little drunk last time.


Video games kill people
Thank you, original post has been updated with the two videos =). In truth I just wanted a reason to use purple text, I'm not "mod-voicing" anyone right now.


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Hey Zwei fans! I just went premium on 8wayrun a few days ago and gave myself a new animated avatar with the beginning of Zwei's CE . I know its blurry, but i had to reduce the amount of colors in it because it was over 195kb. Anyone like it :D?


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Has anyone tried CE while EIN hasn't appeared yet with B+K BE? I'd really like you all to tell me what you see...or don't.

If what I'm seeing is correct, this may be a bug? Could it even be game breaking? As it doesn't even allow you to block during the freeze animation...Might be jumping to conclusions but this seems pretty nasty...

EDIT: Apparently you can block this during the freeze animation, so it's not as bad as I originally thought.


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It does not, actually. Delay it just a bit, and then do the CE.

Thankfully it's not as gamebreaking as a I thought, as you can block during the freeze, but it's a bug nonetheless. Pretty funny visually, as the CE just has the person hit thrown about with EIN nowhere to be seen. Haha.


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I started thinking, since SC V on PS3 atleast has a nice upload feature.
We should have a Match Feedback Thread :)

Talked Tiamat through it, so I'll just copy this in if someone needs some help with it....

First of all you have to update the video editor feature in your XMB
1: Enter replays and "Battle Log".
2: Find the replay you want and press "START" to save it to your "My Battles".
3: Find the replay in "My Battles" and press "START" again to output movie.
4: It just created a movie for you that, now is in you PS3 video folder
5: Go to video editor through XMB video folder, create a movie with your newly made movie
6: Upload to youtube

Before you begin output, you have a couple of features like remove intro, show input/healthbar etc.
I decided to remove the intros since it's not really needed anyway.

English is not my main language so sorry if it's not all understandable :P

Although I'm playing some random matches against totally random people, I seem to struggle against Siegfried and could use some help.
All start this off with a couple of bad matches, my first of the day and a little off.
I'm still a scrub, any feedback is good feedback at this point :)
I'll also start uploading more matches and hopefully get better with this thread!

Here's three matches of me against Sieg....
It seems really hard to get things going against him.
I know I used ALOT of 6,6AB, but it seemed like the only thing I can get going against them.



I'll make you submit!
This is a good idea. I'm gonna go upload some videos now...



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Yep, that's exactly it. You can still block during the freeze, so it isn't that bad, but still humorous to see them thrown about by nothing.


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GI those AAB and 1AA strings. There's a good reason why good Siegfried's never use those strings.

Probably wouldn't hurt to try using {A} and {B}. Ein seems to have pretty good range and could get in there an interrupt or hit Sieg, plus he's invincible.


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Some interesting gameplay here between Zwei and Natsu. Both of em have a 94% win ratio with over 600 fights. The Zwei player really likes to play on the defensive, but it seems to pay off: