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Zane the only mistake I could see was trying to A+B Grimstride. I find 2A or 2K to be the most effective counter. Sexy JGs though.
cuz I JGed the first hit lol so I figured it would go through, but not even 4B goes through so... 2A looks like the best option... unless I just wait and read GS A, then I can duck it and punish



^ In there is a recently held tourney which 2 members of the wolf pack was in @Zane and @Snort. 4 Hours worth so skipping through it till to see zwei on the screnn is the way to go

I wont spoil the end result but its a good one to go in the ZWEI history book lol :p


Spirit of the Wolf
I was actually thinking of doing a "walkthrough" video for each character, but I'm not sure if the life span for this game makes it worth the while


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I can potentially do something in the near future, but I have a lot of things on my plate atm and if this game just suddenly dies, a Z.W.E.I Tutorial wont help much. If I get around to it I will do a video tutorial on Z.W.E.I since he is such a hard character to learn. I will work on a script and think about what to do.

In the meantime, CFW what are you having trouble with?


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That's ok.
I just don't really know how to do much with him. I'm not really used to this type of character, so it's difficult to know when to use certain moves (like with EIN) or what moves I should avoid doing when trying to set people up.


Set up Ein preferably at a distance to reduce their punishment options like 1b) or 66a+b) once youve held it long enough to able to move afterwards then you were successful you can back off or run in with it or after knockdown like it you score a hit with ch 1b) ein hit or something like 22a you can set up a 1b hold max charge basically helps limit some of their options what zwei sometimes can have trouble doing.

As for moves to avoid using while setting up its hard to say it's basically whatever works some stuff is harder to deal with than others but you should try 44a/ 11k and using the K in 1b) if they ain't successful enough you got 2k, 214b, throws, 66b and 9b to pressure after set ups
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LOL Thats hilarious I do hope youll make more My video editing skills are VERY basic, so Im always impressed when I see things like this. Nice work