Astaroth - Combat Lessons - SC6

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  • Fighting Styles​

    Mighty swings of the giant ax used in this powerful and aggressive style smash into foes, and vicious grapples squash them while they are trying to recover from the blow.

    The name "Gyulkus" comes from the word "protection" in the language of a certain evil cult, but the fighting methods on offer here are all about offense and destruction. A single blow can do devastating damage; even if an opponent should block, they'll find themselves knocked off balance, giving the fighter a chance to create distance.

    Should the fighter wish to go on the attack, they transform into an unstoppable force. Barreling their way forward seemingly without any regard for their own health, they can unleash overpowering attacks that completely incapacitate their opponent.

    Style Lesson: Beginner​

    • Destroy with Incomparable Throws
    This style's biggest assets are its wide range of throws and their devastating damage. Move in, grab, and crush your foes.​
    Your best bet for obliterating opponents is a combo of Flight of the Wicked (:2::1::4::A+G:) into Hades Cannon (:2::(2): or :8::(8)::B:). The runner-up is Titan Bomb (:2::3::6::A+G:). How often you can land these two depends on your skill.​

    • Setting Up Throws
    In order to throw an opponent, you will need to be close, and they will need to be in a standing guard. Bull Rush (:3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::K:) is a charge that avoids many high attacks, so it is great for getting you through screening moves.​
    If the foe does an 8-way run from a distance, try to get a counter hit with Hades Control (:6::A:) and bring them closer.​
    When you're closer, aim for a counter hit with Hades Knee (:6::K:) and knock them back up with Brutal Grasp (against downed opponent :3::A+G:) for an additional assault.​

    • Move In with Revenge Grabs
    Vicious Madness (:3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::A+G:) and Cursed Earth (:1::(1): or :4::(4): or :7::(7)::A+G:) are grab moves with revenge properties. Both will allow you to move in and grab your foe, even if you are hit by a single high or middle attack.​

    Style Lesson: Adept​

    • Striking Back in Close Combat
    Most of this style's moves come out slowly, so you're at a disadvantage if the opponent gets in close and aggressive. Fast techniques like Bear Fang (:4::B:) and Decimation (:4::A::A:) are indispensable when you're being pressed.​

    • Grabbing Foes at Mid Range
    If you are outside of throw range and try to use a charge technique to move in, the opponent can dodge with an 8-way run. You'll need to use an appropriate horizontal attack to counter this. Hades Divide (:1::(1): or :4::(4): or :7::(7)::A:) is a middle slash attack that is hard to counterattack. Holding the input will turn it into a break attack, allowing you to move first if the opponent blocks. If the opponent is further away, make use of Titan Ax (:2::A+B:) and Flip Titan Ax (:8::A+B:). They leave you open, but a distant opponent won't be able to counter, even if they block.​

    Style Lesson: Master​

    • Use Hold Inputs to Apply Pressure
    Maintaining the offensive will be hard if your foe can meet your throws and attacks with a reversal edge every time. You can prevent this by holding the input on certain moves, turning them into guard breaks.​
    Decimation (:4::A::(A):) and Bear Fang (:4::(B):) are both easy break attacks to pull off up close, so use them to move in for throws.​

    • Master Low Throws
    Throws are great for doing heavy damage against a standing guard, but this style doesn't have many balanced middle attacks that can deal with crouches.​
    To hit a crouching foe, try Bludgeoning Crush (:2::A+G: against crouching opponent) or Drop of Lava (:1::A+G: against crouching opponent). These moves have small delays, and are excellent as counters after blocking a low attack.​

    Critical Edges​

    Final Anguish​

    • Properties
    A critical edge throw that does extraordinary damage, the attack cannot be dodged unless your opponent crouches at the right time, and it has no grapple break.​

    • Tips
    This attack is effective any time the opponent is standing, and is especially useful after a successful guard impact. Follow up with this technique or a break attack.​

    Soul Charging​

    • Close Combat Made Easier
    The move Cerberus Surge (during soul charge :6::B::B:) becomes available. This is a dash toward the foe while making a horizontal swing, so it is an excellent tool for closing in.​

    • More Revenge Moves for Better Melee
    You have access to additional moves that have revenge properties: Cyclopean Swipe (during soul charge :6::B::B:) and Apocalypse Rush (during soul charge :3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::K::K:). They will let you attack, even if the opponent hits you once.​

    • No Hold Needed for Hold Inputs
    Chains that ordinarily need you to hold the button during the first attack like Double Discus (:1::(A)::A:) and Discus Breaker (:1::(A)::B:) no longer require this during a soul charge.​

    Reversal Edges​

    • Following Up with :A:
    An attack the knocks the opponent back whether it hits or is blocked. If used at the edge of a stage, it can cause a ring out or initiate a wall combo, making it a potential key to victory.​

    • Following Up with :B:
    An attack throw that sends the opponent sliding back a great distance on hit. This can be used to slam them against the wall or cause a ring out. On a lethal hit, this will send the foe from one edge of the arena to the other, so using this on a second reversal edge is excellent for ring outs.​

    • Following Up with :K:
    A powerful downward fist slam. If this hits, or is even blocked, you can get a guaranteed grab with Bludgeoning Crush (:2::A+G: against crouching opponent) or Drop of Lava (:1::A+G: against crouching opponent).​
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