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  • Fighting Styles​

    This fighting style features a weighty longsword paired with a dagger/gun combination, and requires superhuman strength and skill to wield effectively. A forceful strike can turn the tide of battle in one fell swoop, while combos that utilize both weapons leave no openings for an enemy to exploit.

    The gun can be used to hit an opponent from a distance, blindingly fast leaps can close the gap and impale them, and inhumanly high jumps can be used to come at them from above. With such a wide range of moves, what is a challenger to do?

    This style even utilizes walls to further broaden its range of attacks, climbing and kicking off of them to launch fierce combinations. Anyone bombarded by this style's many fearsome techniques will soon find themselves consigned to Davy Jones' Locker.

    Style Lesson: Beginner​

    • Effortless Mid-Range Offense
    This style has a plethora of powerful mid-range attacks. Simple options to forestall your foe include Lagging Wave (:3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::A:), Bile Lunges (:6::(6)::B:), and Head Scratch Kick (:3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::K:). Once the opponent is pinned down, you can keep up your offensive with Riot Storm (:3::(3): or :9::(9)::B:) and Galleon Sinker (:4::(4)::K:), which let you recover quickly even if blocked.​
    If your opponent is in a standing guard, hitting them with chain attacks that open with a low attack like Gibbering Torpedo (:2::(2): or :8::(8)::A::A:) or Scissor Lifter (:1::A::B:) is a good option.​

    • Close Combat Strategies
    This style shows its true potential when it has a foe with their back against a wall. Once you're up close, open with Half-Mast Wave (:6::A::A:) or Sail Nautilus (:6::B::B:) to keep pushing your opponent back.​
    Another choice Is to crack their defenses with powerful middle attacks and throws like Cannonball Lifter (:3::B:) and Killer X (:2::A+B:).​

    • Using the Dread Charge Stance
    Changing into Dread Charge by using moves like Half-mast Wave (:6::A::(A):), Lagging Wave (:3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::(A):), and Devastater (while rising :(B):) lets you adjust the timing of your attacks, giving you an offensive edge. If the opponent misses while you are dodging back, hit them with Geo Da Ray (during Dread Charge :B:).​
    If the foe is wary of your stance, continue your attack with Damned Onslaught (during Dread Charge :A:) or Rolling Slapper (during Dread Charge :K:): quick moves that allow you to act first if blocked.​

    Style Lesson: Adept​

    • Go for Wall Combos
    One of this style's outstanding features is the number of options available when you're near a wall. For example, using Head Snap Kick (:B::K:) or Cursed Blow (while rising :A:) into Anchor Steep Kick (:4::K::K:) to cause a wall hit gives you a chance at a massive wall combo.​
    The throw Dead Compass (:3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::A+G:) is helpful against opponents that use a standing guard to defend against middle attacks. While it doesn't do damage, it's impossible to grapple break, and if your opponent is against a wall you can follow up with a wall combo.​

    • Dread Storm
    Walls aren't just for combos with this style: they're also needed to pull off certain techniques. Using moves like Dark Flame ~ Dread Storm (:2::(2): or :8::(8)::(B+K):) and Geo Da Ray ~ Dread Storm (during Dread Charge :2: or :8::(B):) when near a wall will put you into the Dread Storm stance.​
    From here, you can use :A:, :B:, or :K: to do one of three attacks.​
    :B: is a charge that lets you move first if blocked.​
    :A: is a wide horizontal attack that will inflict a lethal hit if your foe tries to dodge with :B:.​
    :K: is a low attack that is hard to see coming.​
    These attacks come from angles that are hard to defend from, so pay attention to positioning and utilize walls to their maximum effect.​

    Style Lesson: Master​

    • Master :2::1::4::B: (Fast)
    If you press :4: and :B: simultaneously during the :2::1::4::B: command, you will perform Geo Da Ray Rafaga, a swift and powerful charge attack. It leaves you open if blocked, so it cannot be used haphazardly. However, it is the perfect technique to use after baiting out a miss from your opponent, or to extend the damage of a juggle.​

    • Slash Through Weaker Attacks
    While this style has few quick moves, many of its attacks have priority in a clash. Killer X (:2::A+B:) is especially potent, as it will overwhelm a weaker attack and deliver a lethal hit. This is easier after hitting with Storm Signal (:A::6:), Anchor Knee Kick (:6::K:), or in other situations where you can move first and gain priority over a foe's :A:, :2::A:, or other weak attacks.​

    • Using Special Movement from a Run
    Dark Flame can be used during an 8-way run by pressing :B+K:, and will put you into Dread Charge afterward. If you hold the button during the move and hit a wall, you will switch to Dread Storm. Use this in arenas with walls to make your attacks more unpredictable than ever.​

    Critical Edges​

    Casa de Leviathan​

    • Properties
    A charging attack, followed by a high-damage critical edge if the initial attack hits. This pushes the opponent a great distance, letting you use the wall for a continued assault afterward.​

    • Tips
    This is best used as part of a combo or after an opponent misses an attack at mid range. If it hits and the foe is near a wall, you can use Dark Flame (:2::(2): or :8::(8)::(B+K):) or other techniques to keep up the pressure.​

    Soul Charging​

    • Use the Wall Stance Anywhere
    This move chains from Geo Da Ray (during Dread Charge :2: or :8::B:), causing you to kick off of thin air and letting you use Dread Storm techniques. This allows you to use wall attacks where there is no wall to terrorize your opponent.​

    • Greater Offense with Expanded Teleportation
    Many moves gain teleport effects when you are soul charged, which, among other benefits, can help you avoid getting counterattacked. Deep Sea Storm Flare (during soul charge :B::B::B::B:) is an excellent example of this: it eliminates the period of vulnerability before the fourth attack if the third is blocked, and increases the damage on a hit.​
    In addition, the movement speed of Dark Flame (:2::(2): or :8::(8)::B+K:) is improved, giving you much greater mobility.​

    Reversal Edges​

    • Following Up with :A:
    A horizontal slash with a number of follow-ups. You can guarantee a combo with :A::A: on a normal hit, or :A::B: on a lethal hit.​
    If an opponent blocks, you can catch them off guard by using :(A): to go into Dread Charge.​

    • Following Up with :B:
    A middle attack that slashes upward. A hit causes you to combo your airborne foe automatically. Holding the input while soul charged will turn this into Black Storm Ignition, which inflicts heavy damage.​

    • Following Up with :K:
    Delivers a kick from the opponent's side that causes you to switch positions. This move is ideal if you are cornered at the edge of the arena.​
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