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  • With the release of Soulcalibur VI, we have decided to change some of the procedures for editing character movelists. While much is the same, there are also a lot of changes. Before you begin editing movelists for any characters, please make sure you read through this guide in full, and understand it.

    Notes on Smilies​

    In text, it has become common to use standard notations. For instance, 236A would be the equivalent of quarter-circle-forward A. Any inputs can be wrapped in semi-colons to become smilies. So we could type :2::3::6::A: to get :2::3::6::A:.​


    Movelists are divided into specific sections; and those sections also have a specific order:​
    • Horizontal Attacks
    • Vertical Attacks
    • Kick Attacks
    • Dual Button Attacks
    • 8-Way Run Moves
    • Special Moves
      • Stance One
      • Stance Two
    • Throws
    • Reversal Edge Attacks
    • Gauge Attacks
    Keep notice that the order of these sections have changed from previous games. In previous games, a character's unique stances and special moves were at the bottom. However, in the future, we are moving special moves above the "Throws" section. This is because in Soulcalibur VI, Throws are done with :A+G: and Reversal Edge Attacks are done with :B+G:. It would be more logical to group these two items together. If you plan on using non-standard acronyms for a characters special moves, you can also add a "Character Notations" section at the top of the movelists.​

    The in-game movelists for each character, also have sections for: "Main Attacks", and "Lethal Hit Attacks". Neither of these sections are necessary for our Wiki. If a move has lethal hit properties, such properties can be in each move's "Notes" section; or if absolutely necessary, occupy it's own entry directly below the non-lethal version of said attack. Reversal Edge and Gauge Attacks do have their own section now.​

    Table Syntax​

    Each table MUST have a "Start" and "End". And each move within the table has it's own "Row". For example, extrapolating from the code below: (remove the period . from the start each template call to use this code)​
    [.template=FD6STR] [/template]
    [.template=FD6ROW] atk= | cmd= | lvl= | dmg= | chip= | imp= | grd= | hit= | cnt= | gb= | nts= [/template]
    [.template=FD6ROW] atk= | cmd= | lvl= | dmg= | chip= | imp= | grd= | hit= | cnt= | gb= | nts= [/template]
    [.template=FD6ROW] atk= | cmd= | lvl= | dmg= | chip= | imp= | grd= | hit= | cnt= | gb= | nts= [/template]
    [.template=FD6END] [/template]

    You could create:​
    Attack One 11 22 0 -2 +1 +2 40
    :A::A: :H::H:
    Attack Two 13 32 12 -4 +3 +5 25
    :A::B: :M::M:
    Attack Three 11 24 0 -3 KND KND 32
    :A::K: :H::L: :AT:

    You'll notice that each entry has a series of inputs, which produce two rows in the table. The first row is "sortable" by clicking on the table header columns. As such, you should only be using alpha-numeric text in fields which populate the first row: "atk", "dmg", "chip", "imp", "grd", "hit", "cnt" and "gb". DO NOT use smilies and/or images in these fields; if a move leaves the opponent in a special state, such as LNC, KND or SHK, use those abbreviations.​

    The second row is static and contains the move's inputs, hit levels and extra notes. Any special properties to the move go in the "nts" section. Again, DO NOT use special property smilies such as :SS::AT::TH:, etc, in any of the sortable fields of the first row, as the table sorter does not know how to handle them.​

    Move Names​

    The in-game movelists don't actually list every single variation of a move. For instance, with Talim, it lists the following moves:​
    • :A::A::A: - Weather Vane Buster
    • :A::A::B::A: - Rapid Espada
    • :A::A::B::B: - Rapid Barrage
    However, the movelist does not actually mention the names for just doing :A: or :A::A:, nor does it mention the name of the move for :A::A::B:. As such, we need to assume the names of these three moves. Move name assumptions should follow the order of priority :A:>:B:>:K:.​

    Since :A: and :A::A: most closely resembles :A::A::A: (since :A::A::B::A: has less priority, since :B: is after :A:), we have to assume that the names for both :A: and :A::A: are "Weather Vane Buster". As well, since :A::A::B: most closely resembles :A::A::B::A: (and not :A::A::B::B:, since :B: is after :A:), we have to assume the name for :A::A::B: as "Rapid Espada".​

    Using these assumptions, we could fill out the move list as follows:​
    Weather Vane Buster
    :A: :H:
    Weather Vane Buster
    :A::A: :H::H:
    Weather Vane Buster
    :A::A::A: :H::H::H::H:
    Rapid Espada
    :A::A::B: :H::H::M:
    Rapid Espada
    :A::A::B::A: :H::H::M::H:
    Rapid Barrage
    :A::A::B::B: :H::H::M::M:
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