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Most of you know that Final Round this year is going to be a huge event for Soulcalibur V. Thanks to Shin Blanka and others in the Atlanta scene, Soulcalibur was added to the list of main games. However, we have ran into a problem. There are just so many top players coming this year for FR17 that we need your help!

You can help us out by giving us your speculations on who will make Top 3. We can determine how to make an appropriate bracket by the community telling us who the real top dogs are. Below is RTD's post in the Soul Calibur Competitive Players Facebook Group where he addresses our predicament. Click here to see who is coming...
Soulcalibur: Lost Swords has finally been given a release date! According to EGM, the release date for Soulcalibur: Lost Swords in Europe and Australia is Spring 2014, however no date has been mentioned for North America. The game launched in Japan today so if you are desperate to get your hands on the game then make a JPN account and get downloading! No other information has been released yet.

Update: Release date for all regions confirmed for the end of April. You can view the character trailers by clicking here...
What's up, gang? With much sadness, I bring to you the last character episode of the SoulCast. We have, indeed, reached that point in the series and Alpha Patroklos is the last non-Edgemaster character to do. Special thanks to LostProvidence for joining me on this finale and sharing his knowledge! I do have some shoutouts and such after the break (before the video), but otherwise enjoy!...
Hey everyone! Final Round is rapidly approaching, with it taking place in the middle of March this year (March 14th-16th) and as usual looking to be one of the bigger events for SoulCalibur in NA. Thanks to @ShinBlanka and others, we now have Final Round as a main game.

A lot of people are hyped up for this tournament and like previous years, there will be a number of great players coming out to play. @RTD has recently made a generous offer to help finance players who are uncertain if they can go to Final Round via Facebook. If you would like to see certain players at FR, be sure to keep reading...
So, this episode was originally recorded at the end of November, but due to some very unfortunate hardware failure, my computer went kaput and I had to wait to get some scratch to get new parts so that I could get at the harddrive. (Which, by the way, thank God the harddrive/files didn't get corrupted.) For that, I am very sorry for the ridiculous delay.

With that out of the way, let's get to some Calibur! Big thanks to AZYG4LYFE for coming on to the show and chatting some Dampierre. Much love to those across the pond and the international community as a whole. Enjoy!
Recently revealed via the SCR (Southern California Regionals) 2014 lineup stream on LevelUpLive, Alex Valle announced that 20 games would be present at this year's event. Among those titles, SoulCalibur V will be making it's return for the 2nd time and joining it will be the recently launched SoulCalibur II:HD. Click here to find out more...
In last night’s episode of ATP Live, Aris brings tieTYT onto the show as a guest to discuss some of the high level fundamentals of how to play Soulcalibur II. This should be a good episode for those who maybe new to Soulcalibur II HD Online, or haven’t played in a long time.

You can catch ATP Live every Thursday night at 8PM Pacific/11PM Eastern on Twitch TV.
With Christmas around the corner, it has become obvious to anyone that the release for Lost Swords has slipped into 2014. Initially slated for release before the end of 2013, Namco-Bandai has just confirmed that the game will not get an official release till next year. Project Soul has pushed the game back in order to provide a higher quality game to it's fans.

With the bad news however, is some good news. Three new characters have been added to the roster. In addition to the previously announced Mitsurugi, Siegfried and Sophitia; Astaroth, Nightmare and Pyrrha will also be playable upon the game's release. How do you guys feel about the choice of new characters? Did they add your favorite character? Are you disappointed at the addition of yet another sword and shield character? Videos and screenshots after the break...
Whether or not you are familiar with Avylon; this collective of dedicated FGC players have been recording matches for us at majors such as Summerjam, The Fall Classic, Filthy Cup, and most recently, NEC.

Thanks to Avylon we have over 50 recorded matches that happened off stream that I'm sure many were interested to see how they went down. Thanks to the new playlist feature in the media section I have compiled one just for this event.

Also thanks to Bifuteki for streaming some pool play and top 8! Happy digging and enjoy the matches!

Click here to view the matches in the media library.
So a couple of months ago, we unveiled a large rewrite to the Media Library here on 8WAYRUN. The core function of the rewrite was to build up a "filter" system so that videos could be more easily sorted based on the character usage within those videos. The filters work in a *booru-style system that allows you to add and remove character filters at will.

Well as of today, that feature has been expanded! Now, in addition to character usage, players can also be tagged to videos; provided that player has an account here on 8WAYRUN. So in addition to being able to search for videos featuring both Talim and Sophitia, you can refine the search to include specificity of players as well! For example, you can easily locate videos featuring: Hwang and Ramon!

Naturally, since this is a new feature, and there have been zero players tagged in the past; I'm asking you users to help go through the almost 6,000 videos already in the archives and start tagging players!