Getting Up

In the course of fighting, eventually your defenses will falter, and you will find yourself lying on the ground. This is a precarious position- you have no invincibility on the ground, you have no wakeup kicks, no reversal. Nothing is stopping your opponent from running over and stomping mudholes into you for the rest of the match.

Hence, it goes without saying that being able to return to standing position safely is one of the most important defensive skills you must know. There are a variety of ways to do so; all of them must be known to increase the chances of success. Avoid your opponent’s attacks, and prevent yourself from becoming roadkill.

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Vs natsu. wait to do anything until hit by firebomb. Then stand
It's actually pretty sad and suprised that Drake didn't touch on as an example that you can nullify Natsu's entire oki game by simply lying on the ground chillin', i.e. "Doing Nothing". The worst that can happen is that you eat a small poke, a meaningless bomb hit, or a slow reactable attack like 1A.

It's the opposite with someone like Nightmare, where he has no problem beating you into submission if you choose to lie on the ground or Do Nothing.