Is this going to be system exclusive?
I feel this is like the missing SCV story mode.
Naked Siegfried is the definition of hype
No online, only (prob.) shitty AI
OMG we can customize the characters and fight against the AI with them?? no other Soulcalibur has ever done that!!......
Is this going to have online or that fake-sorta online with the quick battle? Other than that AMAZING! =3
So it comes out on the 6th? For us or for them?
Sexy Siegfried says this is a new beginning xD

Also large scale enemies? This shit is getting out of hand.
The purple skeleton is particularly interesting because it's size is big, a giant. Some sort've boss battle?
This is so bizarre...
Apparently Siegfried removing his shirt is a new beginning?
The part with the skeleton... just... what?


Feb 4, 2014 at 12:48 AM
Posted by CFW
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