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    Voldo Videos Thread

    Streaming SCV Practice mode with Voldo. NOW!
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    The Armory III (Weekly Media Roundup) 5/10/12

    Why is it so difficult to click through to the home Youtube channel on this site? It would be nice if you would provide links directly to the home channel. Good post.
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    The Armory II (Weekly Media Roundup) 5/4/12

    Brilliant post. Keep this up please. Things like this help people stay interested in the game.
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    Voldo Patch Notes

    You are always in range after 1[K]. Just move forward in BS then do 2B+K. You have plenty of time to keep it guaranteed.
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    Voldo Q&A / General Discussion

    I'll see if I can make a video later today.
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    Voldo Q&A / General Discussion

    Long time Jay. I'll get on it. (edit) After some testing, I couldn't get the Raph thing but I did do what you mentioned about the throw. Here it is... 4K:B+G does an instant CR B+G. You must release the K before you hit B+G. Seems pretty useful. More testing could prove this to me...
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    Voldo Videos Thread

    Your'e right about the WS BB3 thing. About the BS B+K to 2A+B, I just haven't programmed it into my muscle memory yet. Soon enough. Thanks for the tips.
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    Voldo Q&A / General Discussion

    If you one frame shift 4K~B you get a faster version of 236 B+K. It's basically the turn around without the CR animation. I still don't get why it happens. Might be an insight into a bug in the game system.
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    Voldo Q&A / General Discussion

    Why does 4k:B do a faster version of 234B+K?
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    Voldo Videos Thread

    I have been playing Voldo again. Here is the archive for a tournament we held last Saturday. Any tips would be appreciated.
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    [Southern California] Kings Of the Ant Hill

    Get your asses to Super Arcade this sunday. Casuals start around 4, tournament around 5. We will have a live stream. More info below.
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    ATP Soul Calibur 5 Just Guard Tutorial

    This is my first crack at a semi proffesional style video. Huge thanks to Binkley, Insomnotek and Commando for helping me with this project. After Fuzzy Guard gets patched, I think Just Guard will be a very effective tool in Soul Calibur 5. This game will essentially function similarly to...
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    Soul Calibur 5 Auto Fuzzy Guard Against Lows

    Yes it blocks on impact.
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    Soul Calibur 5 Auto Fuzzy Guard Against Lows

    It wasn't in SC4 when I played it.