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  • well, like i said i'm probably offline for a week or two but after that of course I'll play some online yoshi matches. My online execution honestly blows (lol)... so don't worry if you get some issues while playing. But online still helps with mind games and knowing when to do what move (as long as your mind game isn't to spam Anyway, good luck in the next round. I already mentioned on the tourney page that I was forfeiting to you but you can post about it too if ya want (I don't know if that is honestly where I should be posting it though...)
    also I'm on right now if you wanna get it done quickly right now (and my last post's offer still stands because it feels dumb to beat you and then just give a free win to whomever I'd have to play next..ya know?).
    tonight or tomorrow night. I have finals this week and I'll be out of town next week. Honestly I don't know why I even entered the tourney given those facts. If you know you'll be able to play in the next round I can always just forfeit to you :) lol..(seriously.. do you want to just have me forfeit and let you move on bro??) But I enjoy playing you either way and we can get the games in sometimes tonight or tomorrow either way :)
    thank you kind sir. I'm offline for the next few days until I pick up a new subscription to live at Best Buy but I'd enjoy getting more games in anytime. And the person I caught was rock. People tend to start the match with rock's jumping move so...i guessed he'd do that and guessed You can even catch that move on reaction pretty well offline. catching ppl is ALWAYS fun
    Hehehehe, thanks, loloroco on XBL whenever you want some shity online matches.
    I was having a bitch of a time with my iGDR that day so I wasn't attempting it too much... I don't know if it was because I've played a lot of offline lately and the lag difference was doin something or what it was. I main yoshi, but I've been trying to get better with cervy again so i still kinda feel inadequate with him right now. You were ducking a LOT...which i only realized at about the time you had to Duck that much with me not sucking at my iGDR could be a very bad thing, but ya do what works :).

    We had a decent connection so I'll hit you up if I see you online some time. Always like to get training in with different grouping of characters.
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