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    [Colorado] We are Higher than you

    Just to let people know. There is a Soul Calibur Scene here. We are all just waiting for the game to be released.
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    Summary and Final Review for Z.W.E.I. in SC5

    imo the Zwei vs Cervy mu is 8-2. aB being safe at distance makes this mu just impossible. Also Zwei cant punish Ezio's Stomp low without a JG. The MU is stupid.
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    Mitsurugi/ Sophitia moveset analysis from trailer

    I saw Mistsu's old 66A from Soul Calibur 2. He will be a beast in this game. Mitsu 66AA 6B8 6[A] to Mist stance Mechanics Im noticing -There is a meter of some sort under the time clock. Probably for supers but not sure about what else yet. -GI No longer requires meter at this time
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    Z.W.E.I. General Discussion/Q&A

    All votes are confidential :D.
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    Z.W.E.I. General Discussion/Q&A

    Dont worry Im still around as well. Broke my finger a month and a half ago so I had to take a break from playing. Poke Defence is amazing. Just dont try to Counter Poke to much or you will be easy to read. Hint for anyone out there: If you can duck a High try to use WR B after ducking...
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    Z.W.E.I. General Discussion/Q&A

    Did not know about wall slam property off of 11K. I would say 11K is a valid low and not a gimmick due to its insane tracking as well.
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    Z.W.E.I. General Discussion/Q&A

    I prefer B+K BE > BB because it does more damage and it is faster. Usually its best to avoid using B+K BE > 4B since 4B causes a lot of damge to be scaled in combo. B+K BE > 2K usually only works on CH unless it is timed absolutly perfect. B+K BE > 2A will combo anytime however due to 2A...
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    New Z.W.E.I. players post your Questions here.

    We here at the Z.W.E.I. Soul arena are working hard to create new and up to date guiges that will explain how to play Z.W.E.I. to the fullest of his potential. We ask that you be patient and check back for updates. In the mean time while we are working on these new Guides we are going to...
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    Zwei Video Thread

    Working on an overall explanation of all of the moves and more currently.
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    Z.W.E.I Move list break down

    The 2nd portion is done. I had more moves to do, but there was not to muxh to say about these attacks in this section. Section 3 is going to focus on how to use Ein. The 4th Section is going to have a breakdown of what moves to use in certain MU's. The 4th section might take me a while to...
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    Z.W.E.I Move list break down

    Like the enthusiasm. I will add 9B in the near future when I have time to write it out. 214B and 6B will be in the next section.
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    Z.W.E.I Move list break down

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    Z.W.E.I Move list break down

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    Z.W.E.I Move list break down

    Continued... Now we should discuss the moves that are a little more difficult to use. This week we are going to cover these moves: 7B/8B/9B 7A/8A /9A 7K /8K /9 K 66K 6B 6K 3B 22/88K (A) 4KB 1K WR B WR K WR A 44B 4A+B 8A+B 66B+K 66B/66BA 6A 66A 11/77K 22A 1A 33B 44A 22/88BB 214B B+K BE 7B/...