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  • kk @_@ Well, it's about 7:00 now and I have to take off. So I'm really sorry about this, but we may have to go to a coin flip. I won't be back until about 12:00-12:30ish. If you can still play then, then we'll do it then. Sorry again man =/
    Heh...something tells me I'm not gonna get THAT far...I have to beat Icychains(think he's good) and Thermidor first :(

    And again sorry for requesting a move...I feel bad about that.
    I wish. I should have my SIXTH console back sometime this week (or so Im told) I havent played any online in almost 4 weeks and Im starting to develop a nervous twitch...lol. Believe me as soon as I get back on You will be one of the first I hit up. I gotta see how good my vice pres is gonna be...thats right I said it....vice pres....lol


    Your name sounds familiar, but I don't remember you. Do you play ranked? I may have spammed you with my Sophitia cas named "I need lag".
    oh I think I remember you we fought the other day right? good cervantes although lagg was terrible I couldnt block your multiple 1As, but what is your gamertagg i cant add you....or you can add me?
    yeah, man

    hit me up 4 a match whenever u see me online, no matter what i'm playing. if i'm not already in something, i should be good to go. i need sc4 practice anyway! I think i'm stuck in a rut or something
    tell me about it that nightmare of yours is pretty vicious. definately GGS! Lets get some matches going asap!
    yeah we played. you got a mean Cervy. I was using Nightmare, Ivy, and Sophitia. good match's ^_^.
    SYCOSIS was there too right? i remember having a hard time beating him...but i think youve beat him b4
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