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  • So when do you wanna get the tourney match in? I'm available today till 11PM (Eastern) and will be available tomorrow after 3PM (eastern) or so.

    Also, my mic is broken so I won't be able to talk, but I'd be willing to stay for a few casual matches afterwards.
    1st round wasa bit laggy-dont really know wat that was about- GGs tho^_^
    your cassandra was pretty tough.
    wat do you say we get some casuals going later?
    cmon, why dont u inv me again and i'll play u with my best character, but if thats
    the rep u wanna leave for this forum, shame on u!!!
    oh ur that guy, well next time tell me u want to play competitively, i thought we were just havin some casual matches, is that why u booted me, cuz u thought u were better after 4 matches or somethin
    i think i remember u, vaugely tho, but i dont remember gettin beat as "bad" as u claim in any player match, who did u play with?
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