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  • I knew about that, I was talking about the color scheme, it's really bright w/ the white background, especially on my HDTV that I use as my monitor.LOL. Very good update though. Thanks.
    thinks XenForo is awesome and anyone who think vB4 was better doesn't know what they are talking about...
    hey i think the chat is disconnected. am i doing something wrong? the IRC client just stays completely empty. also let me know if you need any help setting up this xenforo stuff. i've gotten pretty used to it in the past couple months.
    I was gonna become a paid subscriber. Decided to stop being a cheap ass and put in my dues. Im not to hip to this paypal thing. All I have is a pre-paid visa, it doesnt want to accept it. is there another way I can help out or am I just dumb and didnt do it right?

    Are you still into making custom sticks for people?? Just wondering.... I knew you did like a while ago...
    If you dont want me to post in this forum then just delete my fuking account. I sent a message to Mikosu with no respond, I sent a message to you with no respond. you no what: go and fuck yourselves. you are fail.
    Maybe you should give an answer instead of constantly ignoring mails!!!
    So um hey let me ask you something. What happened to my tekken6 thread i made? Just want to know.
    Aw. I wont be available this sunday because of work. And next weekend we are heading up up to cinci for a tourney. Let me know if you get free unexpectedly.
    Good stuff! Hit me up when you're in town! We have weekly sessions at a local art school for all games. And we can definitely set something up for you whenever you're free.

    I've been wondering about that shit for like, 3 months now. XD
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