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  • HBD! 25 is a landmark, the money you save on insurance can be directly spent on alcohol!
    Happy birthday muhfucka!

    and that rickroll is the best rickroll of all...it should be made into a movie
    rickrolling us...

    happy birthday! have a few of these!

    and some manhattans tambien!
    So how do I order one of your sticks? and Can I send you a picture to put on there? Also is there a way to make it go with x360 and ps3? That'd be awesome... and if there is a way how much extra is it to get it like that? p.s. your sticks are awesome... hopefully i can order one
    Dude this new background sucks.... I cant read any of the posts without highlighting them so i can read the letters in the white background... maybe you should change the txt to black?
    Can you please close out my thread about recording those assholes are hijacking my thread and twisting my words around to benefit themselves and the people that can't read at a grade school level are eating it up.
    Yeah, I would think so. Ashnard definitely fits the realm. Sinister, giant sword, creepy armor...a beard?! PoR is an awesome game, though. If you have a Wii, that and Radiant dawn are good plays. Ashnard recommends.
    Heh, you would think so, huh? No, Ashnard is actually a Fire Emblem character, the end boss of Path of Radiance. It's funny, I never realized he looked like a cross between Wagnard and Ashram. I didn't know we had a Lodoss Wars fan on our hands, hahaha! Good catch.
    Hahah befriend Jaxel. Awesome.
    Hey man flashchat ain't working for me, I get a white screen after it loads up. Don't know why, it was working yesterday. I do have flash 9 installed. So any tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated?
    Jaxel, the site looks wonderful.

    Keep up the good work, I'll continue to support in any way I can!
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