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  • thnx, a pm me your # , i wanna know if i can ride up there with you guys, i still remember where you live so you think i could just meet you at your house and ride with yall
    a jaxel whens the next tournament, um over in NJ so i wanna know if i can travel with yall to the various tournaments
    So do you care we have no mod or are the yoshi users just destined to rot in a pile of unorganized threads and replies... ?
    We need a new moderator in the Yoshi forums... NeoRussell hasnt been there since AUGUST...... All of our combo/strat threads need updating... I'm in the Yoshi arena everyday enough to do it, but def should figure something out... because we still have the wrong info on the stickied combo section of the yoshi arena...
    Jaxel what's the deal w/ Vader / Yoda? I'm still assuming they're still banned post-DLC, because they have to be purchased as extras and the fact Yoda can't be thrown or hit by highs. Just wanted to get the official word. Lemmie know wasup, got a tournament to throw this weekend.
    I am currently not accepting INTERNET Arcade Stick Orders. I am giving priority to people who meet me in person and right now I have enough of those people that I am turning away ALL internet based orders.
    Hi!, my mail notification for new posts doesn't work.

    Thanks it seems to be workin again now!
    yo jaxel, yo I've been hosting tournaments down here in NC with Ceron and just wante to know what the deal was with Algol. Is he banned or is he still legal? I checked for a thread about this yesterday on here and caliburforum and couldn't find anything and saw a few tournaments coming up with him down as "banned". lemmie know wasup so we can keep NC up to date.
    Hey Jaxel. Can I be the moderator for the Rock Forum? (if it hasn't been taken yet). I'm Draco in CF.com btw.
    yo jax... i wont be able to make it at the tournament.. i'll try to stop by to drop the money but i cant stay seeing as how i just got back from one of the worst accidents i've been in.. my car is fucking totalled.. i cant even go into work tomorrow.. but im gonna try to get my girlfriend to bring me to your house to stop by and give you the money...
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