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  • updated my algol guide

    "Match ups!

    VS MINA-kingce is wrong"

    of course ill add more but I think the basic concept needs to be established
    Playing T6 because its a hard game and rewards the better player. Looking forward to SC5.
    Good shit getting 2nd at the tournament. Imagine the chaos and QQ that would have happened if Algor were allowed and you got 1st. :P

    Are you going to GAMME?
    Except I hate V.oldo, K.ilik on the other hand is very boss...See he's our hero gonna save us from Soul Edge and shit. Wtf is V.oldo doing beating off to some voice in his head. lol
    i can play kil lik too...

    if you like kill ik, you'll love vo ldo.

    i picked up vo ldo after learning kil lik... lol
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    X's 214B+G 412B
    I remember somewhere on this site, it was discussed that you could break the second part of that throw. I can't find the thread, but so far in practice I have the break input as 236G, it randomly works right before 412B hits. You will block the second hit. Also it might be easier with certain chars with strange hit boxes more experimenting is needed.
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    Yo the relationship between mods and members is getting ugly. This is way besides the goal Jaxel and the rest of us early 8wrunners set out. This site is supposed to cater to it's customers, we have rules and the mods have to follow these rules. It's getting out of hand whether or not one side is right or wrong is beside the point. Something needs to be done to prevent these ever more growing uprisings against the mods. It's not what their doing but how, that's pissing people off.
    HAAAAA ima use muh biatch on u again l8r she tired of fixin breakfast lunch and dinner. u bouta b fixin her 3 full meals a day niggaaaa how u like dat!?
    yo man great playing you at b-boy tekkens house, Come out again man, we had some good matches
    Okay how many characters can a player master before he loses his mind? Well OOFMATIC uses...Talim, Lizardman, Kilik, Hilde, Mitsurugi, Starkiller, Yoda, Dark Vader, and Algol. That's nine characters so far, and he was used each one of them in tournaments and won. We call this OOFMATIC's Army...I dared to challenge this Army with my own Army. But OOF was marely amused...Check it...I am learning...note yourself "learning" Yun Seong(main), Zasalamel, Nightmare, Astaroth, and most recently Raphael, and Cervantes. Now here is a question? How the fuck do you maintain this much character information and still win tournaments consistently?...I can't pull it. I forget shit...all my setups and whatever...I say OOF is either some kind of Canadian Cyborg built to destroy niggas in SC4...or an alien or something. Believe it man.
    yo ace, we're on for first round for this weeks online tourny. when you gonna be available? lemme know. peace.
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