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  • Hey we're thinking of having a tournament - if we get 16 participants, Idlemind will donate $500 towards the pot! If you're interested, post in the SoCal thread and let us know.
    It's cool dude. I was bitchin too, except you couldn't hear me since i don't play with my mic XD. even still, the matches are really fun against you. hopefully in the future when we play though, the connection isn't so poop.
    i'll be able on most likely tomorrow night, thursday night, or anytime after noon on friday.
    though i'mma say sorry in advance for any connection ordeals, cali vs. atlanta doesn't seem like we'll be blessed with anything decent :(
    Yeah I have. He's my best friend/Greatest Rival in just about every fighting game that we both play. I've played with him since SC2. We were even back then and I played 3 more and longer than he did so I was a bit better than him in that but he plays this game a LOT more than I do so he's better. He lives down the street from me. :) You're right though he is pretty fearsome. You guys play or something like that?
    T_T is the most unique username on this site that I've seen... props to you. Now all I have to find are usernames with O_O, O.O, o_O, >W<, >o<, and ?_?.
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