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  • The reason... you have a cleverly-worded username, plus anyone who mains Mina deserves some form of praise, at least :).
    I don't play often but I'd be happy to play you. Be warned that I'm very new to SC4 and indeed playing fighters online in general. I just can't get accustomed to the delay. I was a pretty hardcore Mina back in the old Soul games but nowadays? I'm mediocre. Playing a decent Mina seems an excellent start towards getting better though so sure add me and I'd be happy to play.

    As a final warning I'm in the UK so we may be pretty laggy,
    well my new XBL account is Ramon TSF so enter me in and i hope i'll play u soon.
    uh it's not letting me post on game faqs at the time but i won my tourney match against Shogun Champion just thought id tell you here ;)
    I head to work in a few minutes, but I'll be free around 5 p.m. (Central) this evening. If that works for you, great. If not, we might be able to do it Friday.
    thanks, but my connection is usually laggy so I don't like online too much...I mostly play a spammy Vader/Rock/Algol
    lol... I already created the thread. You can post in it later on, or I can delete it for you :)
    I'd be fine perfectly fine with it. You could also post your ish in the combo thread, and then ShenYu or I could then edit it into the first post (You may want to ask him about this, but it prolly doesn't matter).
    well hit me up whenever! 12 tommorow(tuesday) sounds good? Doggy TSF is my GT! let me know!
    I wish I had time to be on Live anymore, but school has kept me busier and busier lately. I'll add you to my Friends List, though, and we can go from there some time.
    I probably won't go on tonight, but there's a possibility. Tomorrow I'm available from like...3-3:45 PM (EST), and after 6 PM (EST) or so.
    Well I have TODAY (weds) All day today to like maybe 3AM? (EST) Hopefully thats good, Maybe like... Thursday 5pm ish also
    Just because I am lazy and don't feel like sending a PM. We're opponents in the Online Tournament, so contact me tomorrow. IF I'M PLAYING CoD or a sports game it means I'm not online. But I should be on tomorrow... got addicted to some MMOs >_>; And good luck =D
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